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How can I make quick and easy money?

Asked by Soccer129 (64points) May 14th, 2011

Im in high school and my friends and I have gotten offered to go to Disney this January but it is $700 to go and I need to find a way to help pay. I can’t drive yet so going to get an actual job is out of the question. How can I do anything else to make money?

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sell DVD’s and video games on ebay.

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Unless you’re willing to be a prostitute, there is no such thing. And I would hardly say prostitution is easy. You want $700, you’re going to have to work. Mow lawns. Lifeguard. Wait on tables. Short order cook. Work on a farm.

Maybe if you’ve got useful skills for a business, you could work inside. Or if you’re brilliant and entrepreneurial, start a business with an amazing product.

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Do something such as babysitting or mowing lawns. See if you can market towards your neighbors needs.

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* AThe summer heat makes most people’s outdoor garbage can smell like yak. Go into neighborhoods on garbage pickup afternoon/early evening and offer to hose out and scrub their cans. You’ll need a cheap bristle broom, some sand and powdered laundry detergent. ¼ cup of soap powder, 1 cup of sand and a few inches of water in the can should be enough to swish around and power off the yuk stuff. Ask for $5.

* Ask to pick up dog droppings from people’s backyards. All you’ll need are plastic grocery store bags, some to put the poops in and a few to put over you hand as you grab them up. Look at the yards and ask for $5. or $10. depending on the quantity of poops.

* If your neighborhood has a lot of citrus trees then ask to pick up dropped fruits. Ask $5. or $10. depending on the size of yard and amount of dropped fruits.

* Ask to iron clothes. Few people iron anymore and usually keep a pile somewhere of clothes they’d love to wear if only they were pressed. Ask 50 cents an item and you’ll probably be given dollars instead.

* Ask to brush, wipe clean shoes, apply color polish where needed and buff. You’ll need some old cotton t-shirts, tins of brown and black shoe pastes and also a moisturizing paste good on all colors. Ask $2.00 a pair.

* Ask to sweep, vacuum and mop floors. I’m telling you I know people who will see $15. for a kitchen and two bathrooms as a bargain!

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Get 20 people to buy a website and CMS system from my company, and I’ll pay you $700. I’ll even let you give them all a 10% discount so they get it cheaper from you than from me direct.

PM me if interested. I’ll give you $35 for each one you sell.

You could also try to gather up scrap metal to sell at a scrap dealer. 100 kilos of copper wire will get you $700 no problem. You can check dumps for old electrical things that have been thrown away. All you will need is a hammer, a screw driver, and some snips.

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Cutting grass can make you a lot of money. You have to commit to showing up every week and mowing. Doing things like sweeping up and trimming will get you more customers. But you have to commit to doing it regularly.

Go through your clothes, old toys, etc and take stuff to a consignment shop.

Look at where you spend money and stop it. Do you eat out with your friends? Even if you spend $5 a week, in 20 weeks, that’s $100.

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Summers here, advertise for pet and house sitting in your neighborhood. Going rate around $20—$30 a day for 2x visits, pet care, mail collection, plant and yard watering.

Jeez…I am ALWAYS looking for good pet and yard care when I am away. It is not easy to find reliable pet/house sitters!

2 visits a day morning and night at about 20–30 minutes a visit. Not bad money for a youngster!

If you had two, week long house sitting jobs you could easily make close to $300 in a week @ say $25 a day.

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Print out some nice flyers and tack them up at nearby bulletin boards and word of mouth. Go around your neighborhood and solicit ‘customers’, hand them a flyer, put the bug in their head.

Next thing you know, you will be getting calls. :-)

Good luck!

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How about a paper route? Or as those above had said, mowing grass. Small yards around here go for 25.00 a yard. Get a few yards, you can make 700.00 easy during the summer.

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Turn tricks on the street corner.

How about good money for hard work? Try that.

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Here’s a few more things I know I hate to do around the house and would pay someone else to do, things I always forget about until later:

* Remove outside screens from windows, broom sweep away webs, dust, etc. from the inside of house to the outside to clean the sills then close the glass window and go outside to broom sweep away around the window any webs, twigs and stuff there. Finish by hosing the outside windows clean and replace the screens. Ask for $20.00

* Do homes in your neighborhood have colored rock/gravel landscaping? If they do then ask to sweep up strays, pick out colors that have migrated and put them back where they started. Our backyard is immense and is landscaped with three colors/kind of rock and with 3 dogs, they get all kicked around and blended a bit. Ask for $10.00 to give a little love to the rocks.

* Swimming pools aren’t difficult to clean but they take some muscle and sweating in the sunshine. If you’re up to it then ask $15.00 to brush the pool, giving the water line an especially good scrub. People with pools have the brushes and nets to do this but we all hate doing it and most of us would find a few bills if you came knocking at the door with an offer.

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