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I spend way too much money on...?

Asked by erichw1504 (26398points) May 16th, 2011

What do you spend way too much money on? Could be a product or a service. How often do you purchase it? How much money is wasted each week or month? For how long have you been paying for it?

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Alcohol and eating out at restaurants.

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Mortgage :-(

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Eating out instead of cooking… we spend about $700—$800 a month on this (just me and my spouse), I’m embarrassed to say. I plan on changing that though!

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Replacing broken golf clubs. Lost count how many i’ve snapped across my knee.
Still, it’s a hobby!

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Cable TV.

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Computer crap. I spend a few hundred a month on new parts. This month was a bit of a oddity since I bought three 22 inch monitors so they would match and a video card that would power them. Luckily I am out of SATA ports and RAM slots. I will go back to spending money on the important things like booze and strip clubs now.

edit :: And the only computer game I play is Plants Vs Zombies. 95% of my time is in TextMate, Transmit, and Firefox.

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Have to say eating out, and, all the ‘specialty’ items I buy for my pets. Like baby spring greens and organic dandelion greens and 12,000 grain bread for my geese, and…cat toys, treats, condos….I’ll be living in my barn in another 5 years. lolol

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Red, red wine.

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Thanks heaps, now I have that UB40 song in my mind…lol

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Lunch. I know it would be far cheaper to take my own lunch to work every day rather than buy it in the cafe but I am lazy.

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Food and wine.

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Purses. I am addicted to purse shopping.

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Purse slut and skirt slut, whatta team we’d make!
Oh yeah, forgot to mention my gypsy skirt, boutique ‘habit.’

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Books and wine (when not pregnant). I wouldn’t call either a waste of money though, just something we spend a lot of money on. For books, it’s hard to say for sure how much I spend in any given month because it depends on when new books in the series I’m reading come out and when I find a new series to start reading. I’d say on average though, I easily spend close to $100 every month or two on books.

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@Coloma WOOHOO! We should go shopping together!

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Collecting movie model statues.

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I spend too little on entertainment: movies, theater, opera, music, dance, etc. But everything else I spend just about the right amount on. If I thought I spent too much, I would cut back. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to spend more on entertainment.

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Past- cell phone plans. Tmobile used to screw me every which way, even charged me to pay my bills until I dumped them and got a pay as you go phone for $30. a month and never a dime more. Hurrah!

Present- delivered food. Most of my work days are a minimum of 10hrs and often 15–17hrs so eat one meal a day away from home and sometimes two. The food I choose isn’t expensive but every few bucks adds up by the end of the month. I wish I had a mini frig and microwave at work that I could put locks on.

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Hookers & coke.

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Groceries. Holy Shit, why are groceries so friggin expensive the past couple years.

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No sh-t!

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Gas. $40 to fill my tank? Redonk!

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Shoes. @erichw1504 $72 here in Boston to fill my “Premium”-gas-requiring Lexus…

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Living. I should be doing it for free.

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1. CLOTHES. Actually these past months I haven’t spent as much because I am saving up for when I visit the US. I will go crazy there since there are more qualities of things and stuff.
2. Shoes… Tomorrow I am going to buy shoes for a concert ;)
3. junk food.

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Vending machines at school. When I buy it, it only seems like a dollar or two, but that quickly adds up. I probably spend about $10 a week. That’s $40 a month. I’ve been wasting money for a good year or two now.

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@beckk thanks for reminding me.

I also spend too much money on donuts at school I eat around 2 caramel donuts per day for 5 days…

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Guns and alcohol.

Great mix, eh?

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DVDs. I probably spend $200 a month on them, and I realize that in a few years you will be able to watch any movie you want instantly online for far less.

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@filmfann Is that why your name is filmfann?

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Eating out. :(

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Gadgets. I love gadgets.

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