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Today I found out there is actually a difference between hair brushes. What amazing discovery did you recently make?

Asked by rebbel (31966points) May 18th, 2011

Yesterday I bought a new hair brush because my old one was broken.
Today I used it for the first time and, amazingly, found out that with this brush I can brush my hair much easier, without losing hands full of them.
Had I known this before I probably would have had more hairs left.
So, what discovery you did recently?
One that you could simply not believe that you didn’t knew it before?

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That I wasn’t invited to the latest nekked pancake party.

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The other day I realized that I can travel underground from the subway station a half block away to the building next door to mine. That’d have been nice to know in the rainy, windy winter!

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I found out chocolate isn’t good for your skin. :(

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That I am horrified of potato eyes on purple potatoes. They get much larger than normal potato eyes do….I went to pick one up, and I knew it was old, but I didn’t expect it to have inch long extensions coming out from all sides….I know it’s so weird, but it creeped me out so bad.

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That you can have a palestinian and an israeli in the same room without any problems as long as both of them support the same football team.

It’s just a shame that the two I happen to work with don’t.

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You found that out how, @queenie ?

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That just the act of moving is very stressful even if everything is well-organized and goes well.

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That when someone makes Mac and Cheese with Vanilla Almond milk it tastes like shit!

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@Cruiser that sounds dreadful.

Mine is a milk thing too, oddly. Buttermilk is not the same thing as coffee creamer. Try it if you enjoy puking.

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@rebbel I found out reading an article in a magazine. I didn’t believe it at first but I asked one of my friends about it too. Apparently chocolate makes your skin produce more oil, resulting in spots/pimples :(
I also found out that chocolate releases some hormones and endorphins which make you feel like you’re in love. Fancy that?

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@queenie Ah, an article!
I imagined you found out through experience. sexy time + chocolate sauce :-)

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I always wondered how people texted and were so quick- my fiancee showed me how to use the T9 feature.

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Well, @Neizvestnaya , let me inform you already, as to not find out in 6 years from now, that there is now something called swype, which apparently is even quicker.

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I found out I can go a whole day, even a week, without a Coke.

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I found out that Early Modern (like when people say Shakespeare writes in Early Modern English) is not synonymous with “the beginning of the modern period”. Rather, it’s its own goddammned era, and you could easily replace “early modern” with “Sally” and be slightly less confused. Like, Shakespeare writes in Sally English, not early Sally or Sally modern English, but just Sally English.

@queenie Guess what? That’s total BS that teens have been believing for years as an attempt to control their acne. But it’s not true. Eat chocolate, don’t eat chocolate, it makes no difference.

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That some teachers will say ”A.D. or C.E., it doesn’t matter to me. Use whichever one you prefer.” BUT THEN they will take your paper in which you have used ‘A.D.’, and cross it out, and write in ‘C.E.’ And you will feel like they are a really, really Bad Teacher.

Also, AD doesn’t mean “After Death”. It means “Anno Domini”, which is Latin for “In the year of Our Lord.” Which really helps understand where those 33 years went…

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I recently discovered that Catholic schools are parochial schools, not “colloquial” schools.

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@dxs What’s a colloquial school?

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@MyNewtBoobs exactly…
I thought that it was “colloquial school” not “parochial school”.

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@rebbel: swype on my regular cheapo celly?
Hey, how did you know it took me 6yrs of celly use to discover T9?

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@Blueroses Not only was it dreadful it caused a Mutiny!

@marinelife Yes…the maggots were clearly upset as well.

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@rebbel That icon you had before, that was you, right? If so, your hair is epic and you have nothing to worry about.

I figured out why people spit out wine at wine tastings. It turns out, the more you drink, the less you can taste it. I know this marvelous fact of wisdom because I drank a bottle of wine tonight. The first sip was full of luscious chocolate, cherries, earth, and tobacco. Now it just tastes like sour grape juice with alcohol in it. So the more you drink wine, the less you enjoy it. PARADOX.

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I just found out that Arsenal didn’t score a single goal from outside the penalty area during the entire season!! I mean, aside from the odd free kick that is. Further proof that those ponces try to score the “perfect goal” week in & week out. “Yeah let’s walk the ball in the goal” a little quote from Robin (the cunt) Van Persie there. Another season without a trophy Arsene…change your playing style then!!

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