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What song cheers you up, no matter what?

Asked by Joker94 (8180points) May 22nd, 2011

I think everybody’s got at least one. Maybe more! For some reason, my first one isDaydream Believer by The Monkees. I don’t even listen to the band a whole lot, but the song always puts me in a good mood. the other is 1979 by Smashing Pumpkins because of the fond memories I’ve created listening to it.

What are your songs and why?

Anyways, what are your songs and why?

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Groovin- The Rascals

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Pass The Dutchie – The Musical Youth ( it’s just sounds fun )

Time of the Season – Zombies ( it’s the echo in the recording that gets me everytime )

You Get What You Give – New Radicals ( the beat, the lyrics, I’ll be singing along long after I breathe my last )

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Drive My Car by the Beatles

Beep beep mmm beep beep YAH!

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The Proclaimer’s ‘500 Miles’ and Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now.’ Why? The latter is because it makes me want to get up and dance. The former is because my classical music-loving SO says that he would walk 500 miles and would walk 5000 more…

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The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra has been consistently cheering me up for… hm.. seven years now. It’s about the ideal woman, so it’s just appealing.

Anything by Bowling For Soup because of how quirky it is. On that note, any early rock and roll think American Graffiti soundtrack, too, except it mostly just sounds fun as opposed to quirky.

Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles because.. oh, if you know the song, you’ll understand.

Only the Good Die Young by Billy Joel because it emanates a youthful yearning for freedom. A feeling of breaking from the constraints of society and just having fun!

RAGTIME! Scott Joplin. Used in The Sting. It’s so light and fun and cheerful!

Also, when I’m exceptionally down, depressing songs cheer me up. Don’t have the slightest notion as to why, but I know that No Expectations by The Rolling Stones, On My Own from Les Miserables, and Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd totally hit the spot. It’s actually very therapeutic, probably some sort of reverse logotherapy effect or something. I’m not a psychologist, so that’s an amateur’s guess, by the way.

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Beatles: Oh Bla Di Oh Bla Da. At 100 dB. Works every time.

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This cover of September by Pomplamoose (although the video brightens my day as well)
Defying Gravity from the musical, __Wicked__
Anything by OK GO
Don’t Download This Song by Weird Al
And most pop music of the eighties

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Especially Sachmo’s version.

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What I Like About You by The Romantics
Just about anything by Green Day.

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This, just because I’m “Strange” ;-) Lol…

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A few that put a smile on my face are
SRV’s version of this
and BMAW
cowboy shoes….XD

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Oh, also: Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles.

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BoHeman Rhapsody (fun viddy) all the time! Forever, this song makes me soo happy. More than money. Queen makes me happy in general.

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LCWBD great jam all the way around….makes me smile every time I hear it. ;)

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All She Wants To Do Is Dance, Don Henley and…..............

Oh What A Night, 1963 The Four Seasons

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Aqua – Barbie Girl This song always made me happy. Even when I hated it. Who’s the chreapy bold guy with thoughs weird sideburns?

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This gets me really Bouncing, a bit of Dirty Davie ;-)

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Jimmy Eat World – 23

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Build Me Up Buttercup :)

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@erichw1504 You do not get Rick Roll credit for that….;>)

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@zenvelo there was no intent.

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There were some great answers on here!! There’re more than a couple that I forgot about that you guys mentioned.

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Juicy – Notorious B.I.G.
I am in LOVE with him and the song always gets me in a good mood because it tell his story about how he went from having nothing, and selling drugs, and going to jail, to having everything he could ever dream of and more! It’s really inspirational actually! You should all listen to it sometime! And watch his movie so you can get his whole life story. It’s really very interesting!

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