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Why is someone banging on a can in the street when I had a terrible night's sleep?

Asked by janbb (54399points) June 1st, 2011

Any guesses as to why someone might be doing that would be helpful.

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They saw a “Snookie”?
Why’d you have a terrible night’s sleep?

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Cuz they’re stoopid poopy-heads and must be punished.

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Sharing the pain, maybe? Obviously they weren’t sleeping, either.

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@janbb : I know someone with a whip and stilettos…just sayin’...

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I know this really isn’t a true question, but would it be any more acceptable for some loon to be banging on a can in the street if you had experienced a good night’s sleep?

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Yes – it actually would; at least I’d have more tolerance.

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OK – now a huge construction truck has shown up. It must be Persecute the Penguin Day and I didn’t get the memo.

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So you can be miserable?

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It’s working. Now it sounds like a very large dentist is drilling in the street!

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crap. Now my teeth hurt!

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Around here it is the last day of school, maybe someone is celebrating? Or maybe they are poopy heads and need to be punished.

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Are they erecting a giant Penguin statue in the street?

Or they are being MEAN poopy heads.

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No giant Penguin statue emerging as yet – so the mean poopy heads theory is looking strong.

They are also blocking my driveway so I can’t escape. (I don’t normally suffer from a persecution complex.)

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Open season on penguins? Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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If it was a bunch of 8 years olds I would say they maybe “digging to China”, a favorite pass time of 8 year olds. ( I remember finding a stone bowl with a buddy of mine in his backyard, 600 years old they said at the museum.)

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Do they not want me to make it to the weekend?

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If it looks like that might happen, I’ll come rescue you!!!

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Because it’s hilarious…!

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@iamthemob Love you too boychik!

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PS @janbb – it’s actually me banging on the can. Can you see me? I’m waving… ...wait, maybe you just can’t hear me…I’ll bang louder.

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Oy. I would so water-bomb him.

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Check if your ‘Quiet, Penguin Reading’ sign has fallen from your door.

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@flutherother (Runs down, checks door) You nailed it! And I will renail it to the door!

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Murphy’s Law. You need sleep, so today is bang on a can day for someone. Life just works that way I think.

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Oh, yeah, I know those guys. They do landscaping work on the tiny strip of grass next door to my apartment building every Tuesday morning for several hours. Sorry! I think they’re only job is to wake us up.

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They had better move their butts before the weekend or I’ll have to come up and kick ass.

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And the Penguin Posse is assembled and ready to ride!

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