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Which advertising campaign -statement is annoying you at most?

Asked by MasterAir16 (261points) June 3rd, 2011

This is a random question, obvious.

My answer is ”Play, Laugh, and Grow.” from Fisher-Price Toys’ advertising campaign.

What about yours? It’s could be any advertising campaign.

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I hate the Empire carpet commercials. My grandson had their phone number memorized by the time he was 2.
I also really hate the ones where disgusting people keep screaming “It’s my money and I want it now!” that one just turns my stomach.

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“Head-On! Apply directly to the forehead. Head-On! Apply directly to the forehead…”

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Piper’s Unfinished Furniture Store had a horrible jingle – cringe-worthy lyrics forced into a jazzy, upbeat tune that just didn’t match the cadence. And they advertised on my favorite station. When my marketing class had the opportunity to come up with a new campaign for them, I made sure that we pointed out the evils of The Jingle.
You’re welcome, St. Louis.

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A local Solar installer shouts Republican dogma and pushes his shit hard.
It’s all I can do to make it to the next commercial.

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Oh @filmfan! I hate when people make us solar installers look bad! I also hate when people use politics or religion to sell something! Why alienate half of your customer base?

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@Judi—the real Empire carpet guy just died but they’ll probably keep the jingle playing with his animated avatar as usual. I love close-voiced harmony! One of many jingles drilled into my head over the years…

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The Shamwow commercial was really annoying, especially being two minutes long.

The other is the local automobile dealer guy who constantly has his commercials on the air. He dresses like a pimp and loves rap. Here are a few samples. link and link

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@Pied_Pfeffer I can’t decide if I love or hate those car commercials, haha.

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@FutureMemory Then here is another for your viewing pleasure.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Where is this..Memphis, maybe?

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@FutureMemory Yes. Why? Are you looking for a car? :)

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Just testing my accent-recognition abilities :)

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“We have sold a million jars and now want to celebrate by sending you your free sample”.

They run this stupid commerical about every ten minutes on a local FM station in Nashville.

If they have sold a million jars of that junk, then they are losers by giving it away and paying for those commericals.

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I hate that VO announcer for Binder & Binder here in NY, the lawyers who’ll fight to get you on disability. He tries so hard to sound warm and friendly, but the undertone of “smarmy ambulance chaser” seeps through.

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I hate that Nickelodeon touts itself as being “like preschool on TV”. Watching television is nothing like school.

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Misuse of the word “literally” really annoys me, e.g.: “the pounds literally melt off!”

ew, just ew

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