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What action would you take in this police situation?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) June 4th, 2011

A female police officer has a traffic violator stopped on the interstate, between exits. The violator is a big male and exits his vehicle and begins to walk back to the officer’s police vehicle. The lady officer quickly exits her police car and orders the man back into his vehicle. Instead of obeying the officers instructions, the man physically assaults the lady officer and she is losing the battle. You are in your vehicle and passing by and notice the lady officer is in trouble. Question: which of the following actions would you take? Be honest in your answer.

A. Stop and assist the lady police officer?

B. Grab your cellphone and dial 911?

C. Do nothing and continue on your way and do not get involved?

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I would dial 911. I don’t believe you’re supposed to interfere with a police officer’s execution of his/her duty. Besides, by the time I would get close enough to see what’s going on and assess what’s happening, at 70 miles an hour on the expressway, I would be well past the scene. I can’t imagine backing up on the interstate would be a good thing to do.

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When me and my girlfriend frolic or have tickle fights, i am always losing, so you could say that i suck in fighting skills.
The best i could do in your example was to call 911…, and i would.

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B.,then A.
A friend of mine is a female officer and luckily has not been in that situation yet.

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Call 911. Maybe honk the horn in the hopes of startling the guy, giving the officer a chance. Anyone who would attack a police officer is likely to be drunk or on drugs. Not only would I be of little to no help, if the guy overpowers the officer and takes her gun, I wouldn’t want to get in the line of fire.

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Well, if it’s a lady police officer, I’d call 911, but if it’s a boy police officer, I’d let him flounder and do nothing.

In all seriousness, the sex of the cop wouldn’t matter to me, nor would the profession, actually. If I saw someone being assaulted on the side of the road, I’d call 911. Now that @Pied_Pfeffer‘s suggested honking one’s horn, I might actually keep that in mind and try and remember to do that in the future.

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I would probably call 911 with stopping to render assistance a close second.

The gender of the officer (IMHO) is totally irrelevant.

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I don’t carry a cell phone, so, I would probably stop and honk my horn loudly to, hopefully, scare the guy off. If this didn’t work after a few seconds, I know I would take action, I’m a brave little thing. lol

A few years ago I rescued a little boy from his druggy mother on the highway. A driver in front of me was driving erratically, crossing over the center lines. I was terrified they were going to cause a head on collision. I hung back and followed, and after a few miles the person pulled over and as I came around a bend n the road I saw a little boy of about 8 jumping out of the passenger side of the car.

I pulled over and asked if everything was okay. He said ” my mommy is scaring me!”

I walked up behind the car and took the child up am embankment to a fence and told him to stay there.

I asked the mother, who was in a stupor to give me her car keys, that I would take her wherever she needed to go.

She refused and then peeled out doing a U-turn in the middle of the highway screaming at me to give her her son back.

She almost caused a pile up with several other cars as she sat in the middle of a 55 mph 2 lane highway yelling at me. Very scary!

Then she took off.

I took the little boy up to a horse ranch above the highway where many people were having a shoeing day with the farrier and called the sheriff.

The child was shaken but quickly became involved with watching the horses.
Sadly, I don’t think this was the first time he experienced his crazy moms behavior,

Everyone at the ranch was great and, of course, it took the sheriff TWO HOURS to arrive at the ranch. Gah!

The short side of the story…the women went home, passed out, and when the 15 yr. old daughter got home from school and couldn’t find her little brother, the mom did not REMEMBER what happened to him, she put the daughter in the car and was out aimlessly driving around looking for him when the sheriff pulled her over, based on my description of the car.

The sheriff phoned the next day expressing the fathers gratitude at my intervention and I was told I might be called to court, but, that has never happened, it has been 2 years this month.

I hope the woman got some help for her issues.

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A. Stop the car, grab the jack, get the guy from behind.

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To be honest, I don’t think that I would even realize that something was amiss. Sixty miles per hour and monitoring all the gauges and vectors doesn’t leave a lot of attention left over.

I would like to think that, if I saw what was going on, I would probably do b.

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Like most of the answers, I’d call 911, and also see if I could distract the guy, but I wouldn’t physically involved, I am not trained.

@Thammuz It would take way too long for me to get to my jack even if I was inclined. There’d be no element of surprise.

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I would call 911 and feel guilty if I didn’t intervene.

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This is why we have a “move over law” in Tennessee. Its for the protection of emergency personnell on the highway and interstates. By slowing down and changing lanes to obey this law, gives the driver an alert that emergency vehicles are ahead and also gives the drivers a chance to observe what is happening in the traffic stop and the officer.

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@zenvelo We usually have it in the trunk on the right, takes 3 seconds.

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So @john65pennington you asked the question, and you’re the one with a law enforcement background. What would you advise?

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@Coloma, you should have written that answer on my question about what crimes you have personally witnessed. Wow.

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