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Are you affected/influenced by ads/endorsements?

Asked by flo (11630points) June 7th, 2011

a)Is the answer “Yes”, “Never”, “No longer”, or…?

b)Why would successful enough actors do ads if actors usually start out by doing ads? Joe Pechi, Don Rickles doing an ad?

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a) All of us are.

b) For the money.

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a) never. I detest commercial ads. really, just because so and so is in the add means it is better? poppy-cock!!!
b) follow the money

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Never. I’m an individual not a herd animal.

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a) Yes, I am influenced…to mute the television/radio.
b) Money.

I do not buy products because of the endorsement. I buy products based on my own experience, word of mouth and research.

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a) I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything because an ad created a need for it in my mind.

b) dolla dolla bill, y’all

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Ads work on me. Usually for fast food. I don’t normally buy what they are trying to sell but sometimes I go, “Wendy’s does sound good right now.”

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We all are. But we can limit our exposure. If we don’t see an ad, we can’t be influenced by it. I watch DVDs and pick public television channels. During my commutes I instantly switch the radio station when commercials start. I practically haven’t listened to a full radio commercial for the past 16 years. There’s little we can do against billboards next to the road. The unconscious mind will pick them up even if we focus on sth. else.

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a) I agree with those who said we are influenced. And the more we know that we are influenced the less we are influenced.

b) I suspected it was for the money.

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1)By the way, would you use the ”@”, (for the purpose of addressing one of us in the thread) and see if the menu of our names comes up as usual?

2)Does your text appear below the answerbox as you type as usual?

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Well, I should probably clarify. I haven’t watched TV since 9–11.
I only have internet, my satellite dish is not relaying. lol

I only watch DVDs, so, checking out of all media and TV has been a great thing.

Once in a great while I read a news article on my homepage, but otherwise, I’m not missin; a thing IMO.

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@Coloma You don’t even have people around you with a TV? Just by accident you don’t come across some ad?

What do y’all think of this ad?


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I just changed a computer and the problem I mentioned above is no longer there

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Haha, no, rarely do I watch TV anywhere, maybe once in awhile in a hotel when I am traveling. I did get a kick out the asian subtitles on some american movies overseas last year.

I very occasionally watch the Nature channels, Discovery, Animal planet etc. at my daughters.

No news or prime time at all.

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Yes ads are meant to be that way. If an ad doesn’t it’s a failure.
It’s all about the money.

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@Coloma I was thinking how diciplined of you and all the people who can do it. It is

Just curious re. “__very occasionally__ watch the Nature channels, Discovery, Animal planet etc…”, do you find those bad as well or is it because you have better DVDs to watch, you have no time?

@markylit What is __that way__ Are your referring to the link I gave?

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