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It's the opportunity to go a couple of rounds of WWF style wrestling with some jellies that piss you off - how well do you do?

Asked by _zen_ (7854points) June 20th, 2011
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I’d be a beast. I’m a tough little thing!

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Wrestling is all fake and bullshitty. Imma bust in there like Jason busts into cabin houses and fuck shit up.

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I have strong legs. I’ll choke ‘em with them.

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Michael_Huntington ain’t nuthin’ ta fuck wit!

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I think I’ll hire a stand-in. Whoever is the Hulk Hogan of today. Or maybe I’ll just hire some mercenaries. Better get me some Blackwater stock first.

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I’m not really into spandex or semi-erotic man-on-man action (not that there is anything wrong with that).
If this was a UFC-style fight, I’d get hit once and crumble. Then I’d get completely pummeled and die.

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Pretty good until I get the erection.

wrestling is homo eroticism at it’s finest

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I wrote what I considered quite a clever piece a month or so ago, detailing my emotions welling up to the point of unleash against a rather abusive jelly.
The Mods pimp slapped me.
Not that they were wrong in doing so. Lord knows it is a difficult job, and thankless to boot.
It just was a bit upsetting because the piece (my writing, not the mod) was spot on with the question, and was directly answering what I was asked.

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I am not a violent person. I have no need to resort to fist-a-cuffs to communicate my thoughts and feelings. I know how to use my words.

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They She doesn’t stand a chance! ;)

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I’d be a greasy puddle, sigh. Though I’m tough as hell in my head.

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I’m a better boxer.

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Do they allow Glocks in WWF?

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Who knows. I’m a no show. not my style

I’m over at @tinyfaery‘s house knocking on her door cuz she invited me to Disneyland. :D

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Not well. I can be kind of snarky and sarcastic sometimes, I get frustrated and possibly somewhat combative, not that that’s admirable, but I generally won’t throw a solid punch. There may be some folks on fluther that I butt heads with sometimes but there’s no one I really want to take to the mat. There may be people here who might want to beat the crap out me, I don’t know, it’s possible, but I’m not a fighter. Life is too short.

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The World Wildlife Fund supports wrestling?
I never gnu that. ;-o

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We’re all a bunch of chatroom nerds. Anyone can kick our asses.

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Wrestling? Yeah right, bunch of actors in camp slapfest!
There are only a couple that “piss me off” so no sweat really. They’d be swatted away like an an irritating bug, most likely with a parasol or a good sized bed pan.

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Have you seen me? I can take you all.

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@augustlan Don’t trip on your tail. Wouldn’t want to hurt yourself.

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Bitches best be leaving my wifey alone!

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I’m out. Unless it’s Jell-o Jelly wrestling, in which case I request lime flavor and friends instead of people who piss me off.

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@Blueroses Does sound way more fun than slaughtering one another. Ya dang pacifist. :D

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@Symbeline Oh, I have a sniper rifle for the ones who really piss me off. It’s more efficient.

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@Blueroses Want to borrow mine? Hahaha

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Those who fell into my trap, and are wrestling each other, don’t know that I randomly pick them off with my sniper rifle.


I always win, of course. ;)

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@zen Goddammit you can’t do that to Jason.

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