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For our British friends, What is a "ring pipe?"?

Asked by woodcutter (16327points) June 27th, 2011

I think it’s a slang or vulgar word but I gotta know. Once on a TV show there was a live camera that was recording a traffic stop in London or some town I forget where. The driver was abso-fucking-lutley livid with this situation and was really upset because of it being on tape. He told the camera man (looking right into the lens) to shut that F,ing camera off or he was going to cram it in his ringpipe. What did that mean?

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Refers to the anus.

As in sticking it into his hole. [ you get the picture ]

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I’m not British but I knew a couple of elderly British plumbers that used to call the toilet pipe a “ring pipe”.

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Yes it refers to your arsehole, I say ring piece myself, has an altogether more civilised tone.

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Stick it in your ass

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I see a couple of you using the word “ass”. I thought y’all referred to asses like we refer to the jobless/homeless and called them “bums”.

or gypsies

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only refined ladies, school teachers & the clergy go down the bum route. I say arse, no matter what the company.

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In that same clip I was really impressed with how the cop there diffused the situation and got the guy calmed down and back into his car. If that same driver had gone off like he did with a US cop, he’d be on the bus to tazer city for that I’m sure. The British cop struck me as a true professional .
I did Google British slang later and about died laughing at that. They have the best dirty words.
Thanks guys

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