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Did you have an imaginary friend growing up?

Asked by Joker94 (8180points) June 27th, 2011

Pretty self-explanatory, I think. Who was he/she/it? Did you give them up at any point?

Mine was named Slimer, and resembled a lemming from the game Lemmings. There was really nothing special about him, other than the fact that he always had a gun that shot slime. Which, to my young self, was totally awesome. I guess we just had to go our separate ways eventually, and just stopped hanging out. It happened gradually to boot, and I always kind of regretted never giving him an official farewell. I hope there aren’t any lingering feelings on his end.

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Yeah, his name was Freckles. I swear to god he was actually real at times. He just seemed so… corporeal. I named him Freckles because he looked like he was covered in them. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized the spots on his face were actually holes.

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I think I called him “dad”

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No, not only did I not have one, I also had a real friend that teased me mercilessly about not being able to see hers.

I was so jealous.

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No, I had farm animals. I had a white bull calf named Bimbo, cats, and bantam chicks.

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Oddly, I’d always wanted an imaginary friend but could never bring myself to pretend hard enough. My powers of imagination failed big time.

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Yes, I’ve had several imaginary friends.. Oh, they’d all start out solid just like me but as soon as something shiney drew their attention, they’d just kinda disappear. Actually I liked it better that way (didn’t have to share my milk duds).

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I had one. A big turtle that rode a light green trike. Sometime he’d ride along side the school bus on the way to and from school – in the ditches by the roads. Other times he’d go into his shell on my lap ..on the school bus. I remember moving my school bag often so he could sit on my lap. It was always to and from school (on the bus). I don’t recall seeing him elsewhere. I also don’t recall a name.

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Nope. I just talked to the various stuffed animals I had. All the fun of an imaginary friend without the effort of making one up, I figure. I was pretty unimaginative until I was eight or so.. Actually, I was insanely unimaginative. I named an inchworm Inchy, a rabbit Hoppy, a fish Goldy… Their personalities went a lot deeper, though, despite the dreadfully obvious and unimaginative names..

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No. I never sucked my thumb, either.

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I didn’t. My sister did though. Her friend was called Jane.

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No. Even if I kept to myself most of the time, I hardly played and talked to my dolls. But books! I loved them and they fired up my imagination! I guess books were my imaginary escape.

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Well, when I was really young, I talked to my stuffed animals, and had daycare like parties with them under the blankets. I imagined them talking back to me. I had this cool purple dragon that was reversible and turned into a yellow ball. When I turned him into a ball, I imagined my stuffies and me all going in the ball and that’s where the parties took place.
A little later, I had an imaginary wolf friend named Meteo. He put up barriers around the house to protect against house fires, robbers, stuff like that. He cuddled with me in bed and we’d talk about mean girls at school, video games and stuff. If I was in a car or on the bus, he’d run alongside it, jumping and darting over obstacles, roofs, cars, everything.
He still comes around sometimes…

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I did for only a short period of time. Don’t remember if I gave him a name or not.

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When I was little I used to have an imaginary friend. I guess I wasn’t too creative because I named him “Mr. Nobody”. After I grew out of that phase and got in trouble with my parents, I would blame Mr. Nobody for what I had done. It was kind of a family joke at that point because we all knew there was no such thing and that I was just trying to weasel my way out of the situation.

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