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Has anyone bought anything from the Fluther store?

Asked by AshlynM (10684points) July 9th, 2011

If so, what kind material are their clothes? Are they soft? Do they run big or small? Do you have to pay for shipping?

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The material depends on which shirt you select. Each type should have a description, though. Same with the sizing. The American Apparel shirts generally run small, especially the woman’s style. Other shirts are more generously sized. You do pay shipping, but if I remember correctly, it’s pretty reasonable on the zazzle site we keep the store on.

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I bought this about three years ago. It’s your standard cotton shirt. The sizes seem to run fine. And it seems to be fairly sturdy. I’ve been wearing it for ages and it’s still wearable.

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Crap, I forgot to mention, I own both the shirt @AstroChuck is referring to and one of the newer ones in navy blue. Also, stickers!

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@AshlynM I asked this question a few months ago. Maybe some of those replies will help you out too. :)

I still want to get a t-shirt ..probably the brown one and/or a white one. Maybe some stickers too.

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I have the brown one. It actually isn’t as ugly as you think it would be. And they do run really small.

Funny story time. I was sent the shirt for being a mod of the chatroom when it was still on campfire. I got the shirt and kinda tossed it to the side since I was busy. Where I tossed it was the donate pile. I had to go to Goodwill and find it and buy it back. Luckily they only wanted a dollar.

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I bought a forest green one and like the way the jellyfish stands out on the green background. The shirt is great, comfy, but yes runs a bit small. I love it and would recommend it, yes.
The keychain was a real disappointment, though. It’s made similar to one of those quote buttons you’d tack onto your shirt, with a flimsy attachment to the keyring. I know it’s not going to last, so I repurposed it for a zipper pull.

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