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What is the best wedding Gift for a bridesmaids?

Asked by chrishwarne (4points) July 12th, 2011

What is the best wedding Gift for a bridesmaids?

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Ipods players loaded with your favorite songs.

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Handsome boyfriends? Lol. Seriously, Victoria’s Secret’s gift cards.

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You’re the bridesmaid looking for a gift to get the couple, or are you getting married and looking for a gift for your bridesmaid?

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Let them pick their own dresses for the ceremony. Give them a color and let them choose the rest.

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Pay for their dresses and shoes for your wedding, after doing what @GladysMensch said.

Barring that, tasteful jewelry is nice. Maybe something that they can wear for the wedding and after. Or a book of poetry about friendship, or a gift card to a store that you know they like. (This may require trips to more than one store to make each bridesmaid happy.)

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