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The most advanced technology known: how do you upgrade it?

Asked by rOs (3524points) July 28th, 2011

Of course, I’m talking about the human body.

Unlike other animals, we have the ability to create an unlimited amount of “mental tools”. Everything from speaking multiples languages to building spaceships, we are amazing creatures.

In the Karate Kid, Mr. Miyagi has Daniel do the mundane task of waxing cars for weeks (“wax-on, wax-off”). Much to Daniel’s surprise, this boring task of moving the arms around, held inside it the basics to blocking various attacks. The lesson here: Kung Fu is in everything.

I want you Jellies to share some of your “learning secrets” with the community! This could be a lesson for a child or a seasoned intellectual. Anything goes, it just has to be an ‘upgrade’.

For example, someone once explained to young rOs about how all things are micro/macrocosms of something in nature- something that took me a while to wrap my head around. This single concept opened the door to a whole new way of thinking; giving me access to different, non rOs-centered, perspectives.

Or maybe something more physical- Since I wasn’t coddled as a child, I was free to run, climb, and jump to my heart’s content. All of this playing as a kid was actually training my body to be more robust (more robust than say… a spoiled, baby-proofed child).

Another example would be learning how to improvise musically. Something about creating music seems to train the mind- possibly even making conversation (or any off-the-cuff activity) easier.

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As Morpheus said to Neo, some rules can be bent, other can be broken. Life and human nature is a sense is the same. In life most problems have a solution, that solution being an action or a monetary cost.

Such as, you have a college student who can’t get enough time in because she has to work a job quite far away from where she lives. She has no car and has to string the trip together with mass transit. Her study times is not maximized so her grades could suffer. The solution is, she either has to find a way to use that travel time to study, get a job closer to home to spend less time commuting, or somehow, latch hold to a reliable vehicle, cutting down on her travel time up and back. When you break the problem down to the core, the solution comes more clear, and it is not always what one wants to do.

Understanding that it is what it is, no matter what people want to call it. I can convince a whole nation that gravity is not gravity but the pores of the Earth trying to suck all the matter to the molten core. Gravity is still going to do what gravity does. Go by the actual action and not by what the masses want the action to be, then you find yourself with a clearer outlook and more tolerance of people who call it something different, because calling it different really don’t matter overall.

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When i was sixteen my motorcycle had a problem, the gear pedal was turning around its ax, where it should be steady around it.
The cycle was in my grandfather’s shed.
He came in when i was trying to fix it and offered to help, once i told him what the problem was.
I refused, surely an oldtimer like he was, had no knowledge of motorcycles where youth was riding on?!
He pushed through and fixed it in no time, he wasn’t bothered that i refused him, and did not show signs of Told you I would fix it.
Thats when i learned that older/elderly people know much more the us teens/younger people.
Until now iI have that etched in my brain and always handle accordingly.

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Are there really only two people with responses? tap tap….check 1, 2, 3… Is this thing on?

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I used to have a hard time coming up with things to say right away, but then one time my friends and I were just hanging out at the band shell in the park and we started doing a bunch of really fun improvisation activities in front of other people and ever since then I can come up with things to say really easily.

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@laineybug, GA! I used to be feel horribly awkward around people- almost to a point of not wanting to be social. Then somehow someone convinced me to join the Thespian club and I tried out for the play and musical. I never thought about it, but acting was probably what got me to come out of my shell!

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Live life as doing so will teach all you need to know. The most important lessons really can’t be taught they have to be experienced.

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@poisonedantidote I forgot that song even existed!

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Here is something for your brain to chew on.

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Looks like my question was already asked, sort of. There are some great examples of possible answers for my question, Give it a look!

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Human brain is the most advanced technology. To upgrade it, keep learning.

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