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Fluther Life-Swap: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live another Jelly's life for a day?

Asked by Seelix (14919points) July 29th, 2011

If you could swap lives with another Jelly for a day, who would you choose? Why?

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It’d really be cool to switch with Symbeline or Fiddle. Both of them are quite bad ass and interesting!

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@worriedguy has a really interesting job and a home that I openly envy, so I’ll switch with him.

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I’d be @Symbeline so I could fuck up some zombies, or something equally cool. Or maybe @filmfan, just because he’s awesome.

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@Cruiser was sipping on a margarita last I heard, and I wouldn’t mind driving around with his mad driving skills (not in that order, of course).

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Poor Symbeline. She’ll hardly have any life left after this question. But, yes, I’d try her life for a day. Especially if I get a weekend day when there is a Zombie movie marathon. And the next day there is a Zombie invasion—either the real thing or a reenactment. So long as I get to have my body back if anything goes really bad while I’m on the watch. ;-)

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I wanna be one of those damn crazy Canadians. A little @Seelix or @Jude, please.

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Just reminded me, redfeather is fun and I wouldn’t mind being her.

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I have enough trouble keeping one mind sane, I would hate to have to run a second one, even just for a day.

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@KatetheGreat oh sweetie, I lead a boring life. You’d be laying on the floor watching Judge Judy right now and trying to sext your best friend from a private number for entertainment.

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Fluther floozies at their finest ;)

redfeather's avatar

At the finest would be me holding a bottle of gin.

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Switch the gin with Whiskey and I’m game.

redfeather's avatar

If I did that and you were me, you’d be vomiting in ten minutes.

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I’d want to be one of the aforementioned Fluther Floozies so I could stand in front of a mirror all day and admire my own hotness.

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My first thought when I thought of this question was @Coloma. I wanna know if that goose lovin’ is all it’s cracked up to be.

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@Fiddle being a Fluther floozy is not all it’s cracked up to be. All we do is watch Swamp People, drink, and flirt around. Hahaha.

WestRiverrat's avatar

After some reflection, if I had to swap with someone, I would probably swap with @Coloma or @Yarnlady.

@KatetheGreat what is wrong with Swamp People, drinking or flirting?

TexasDude's avatar

@KatetheGreat sounds like a party.

I actually wouldn’t mind trading places with Coloma either. She plays with geese all day and lives in the woods and does artsy stuff. I can get behind that.

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@WestRiverrat hahaha, there is just more to do in life.

@fiddle oh yeahhhh.

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Yeah, Fiddle the floozies totally stand naked in front of mirrors for hours poking and prodding. ;)

@KatetheGreat! Duuuuude! You just ate cocoa pebbles!!!

KateTheGreat's avatar

@redfeather You just drank vodka and orange juice while bumming it on the couch!

And you’re so right. I could sit-in front of the mirror for hours poking and prodding. I hate it :(

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Oh, life swap….
Nevermind then.

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@Les. She’s Fluthered from Antarctica. How cool is that?

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I wouldn’t mind hanging out in Coloma’s world for a day. That hot tub and those geese sound interesting.

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@Augustian so I could “rule” Fluther for a day.

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Probably @Les or @syz
They have awesome jobs.
But, you know, with their relevant skill sets so I don’t freeze to death or get eaten alive by some animal.

Or maybe @Jeruba
I’d stay up all day and night and churn out the next great American novel.

Or maybe @janets
I’d log back onto Fluther. It’d be like The Resurrection, only more awesome.

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I’d go for Schroedes13 ^^ Just so I can understand some things better.

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@pdworkin – so I could spend the day chewing you all out.

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Looks like Coloma wins this one. I’d love to relax in her hot tub, hang in the woods, have her confidence and spunk, interact with geese and definitely do artsy stuff. I already do artsy stuff, just not in the woods!
Or Bellatrix or Ucme—I’d love to be in their countries for a day!

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I’d be Vunessuh so I would know what it’s like to work in the movie industry. I’d also masturbate.

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Either way, this was a messily equivocal quip.

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@Nimis, you got me with an actual lol for suggesting janets. Don’t you wonder sometimes if she’s ever come back and looked?

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waiting for Coloma to come onto this thread…

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Probably Allie. But that would be to toddler proof her room. She doesn’t have kids but she is just a bit of a klutz.

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JeanPaulSartre for obvious reasons :)~

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@Jeruba I’ve always wondered! Even if she did, I don’t think she’d actually post.
Too much pressure. How do you top such amazingness?!

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To some people (and janets may be one—or more—of them; we still don’t know if she’s plural) it seems to come naturally.

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@Paul just wants to play with my whip. ;)

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