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Do you love a specific weather and time of the day?

Asked by QueenOfNowhere (1868points) July 31st, 2011

Man… When I think of life I remember memories, etc. I love the summer nights. Not too hot, just perfect. I remember my childhood and many nice flashbacks. I think of all the countries I’ve been to and feel each time how it was this specific weather. It makes me wanna scream, it’s so passionate.
What about you?

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I love the time just before and after dawn. The sounds and smells of that time hold powerful memories for me.


Early in the morning in late April or early May is my favorite. When the sun starts to rise earlier, but it’s still not too warm yet, and when the leaves on the trees are just starting to bud out and the last bit of snow is almost gone. No bugs yet too. It’s invigorating and there’s a feeling of renewal. The average temperature is about 60 F.

The worst weather and time of day for me is around 4:30 to 5 pm. in late November. Where I live, it gets dark so fast, and it’s freezing with a lot of snow everywhere (about -35 F.) It’s depressing.

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The time of day I love is dawn when I’m working a night shift.

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I love the time when the sun is just going down. Especially in Autumn.

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This last weeks weather has been straight out of my wish list book! Hot, sunny skies and starry nights! Doesn’t get any better than this!! OK…a snowy blizzard would be nice right about now… ;)

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I love foggy October evenings.

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Fall, evening, campfire.

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I love fog in the early morning.

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Oh yeah, summer nights are my thing too!
I live in the high foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, around the 2000 ft. level. The summer nights are spectacular. Tonight promises to be yet another one.

The star gazing is sublime, I can actually see satellites with my naked eye!

I also love the T-storms we get, when the thunderheads back up over the mountains and it gets wild and crazy. :-)

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I like our rare ‘winter’ which means it goes down to 60 degrees (if we’re lucky). Other than that, I like rain, though we don’t even get that much lately anymore.
As for time of day, I like when the sun first comes up, but only if I’ve stayed up and not if I just woke up. I also like late late afternoon and night.

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I walk to the train every morning at 5:15, It’s most wonderful in the spring after a night of rain.

I love October days that get into the 70s after being cold overnight, golden light filtering through the trees.

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I really love cold-ish winter mornings in Califonia. We don’t get any snow where I live, so that means that it’s cold (according to my wimpy California version of cold) but the air is clear and crisp. But it’s clear and sunny. Best kind of traveling weather whether you’re going to the beach or to the mountains.

Second favorite is cold-ish, sunny snow covered mountains, with sun shining and clear blue skies.The scent of clean, fresh air is extremely intoxicating. Snow is a wonderful thing, when it’s actually sunny and clear.

I can’t even imagine being in the snow back east, like in some place like Buffalo, where it’s bitter cold, and kind of dark or foggy and gloomy and a little bit dirty and depressing.

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I love a good thunderstorm at any time of day. I love heavy rain at night when I am nice and cosy in my home.

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@Leanne1986 I actually have a bunch of nature CD’s and individual pieces that I got from itunes that are specifially rain and thunderstorms. They’re marvelous to listen to, especially if it’s really hot, or you’re having trouble falling asleep, or if you just want to Fluther and not have any music or other distracting background sounds like the neighbors behind you yelling and laughing loudly into the wee hours of the morning and shooting their BB gun and making their dog yelp. Poor doggy. I may have to call the police on them at some point.

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