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What's something extravagant to do for my girlfriends birthday this monday?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) August 20th, 2011

Okay so! School started for us, and her birthday is this Monday. And I wanted to do something extravagant for her birthday, since I mean…Her birthdays haven’t been all too good…At least from what she’s told me, and I believe her on them since it’s her birthday. But do you all have any thoughts on what to do? I was thinking bouquet of roses for the pretty lady (I got her an early gift before school started..since I couldn’t get it any other time..But I had something else planned…Giant Bear with a heart and the early gift which was a necklace, around the bear.) But that’s all I could think of. But I want to do something to show that I love her and that I’m…Completely overjoyed that she was brought into this world on August 22 1997.

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Flowers are always good and so is your Giant Bear idea. What ever gift you do give her, make sure it is something from the reflective of your love for her and that is not always an extravagant gift as there is no price on love as it is something you give freely of yourself.

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Take her out to dinner at a fancy restaurant, and a stroll at the beach or similar local romantic walking-spot. flowers are awesome! I’ve never had a boyfriend buy me flowers before, other than my prom corsage which totally doesn’t count. It would be something really special to me, so I can only assume it would be to her. If you play an instrument serenade her.

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A nice link bracelet (sterling silver) with a charm (possibly a heart charm). You or she can add charms as occasions warrant.

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How are you already ballin’ at 14 yrs old? lol

I think it would be really sweet if you did something personal for her like making her cupcakes and lunch, set up a special table for you guys maybe convince the band class to serenade her with a mystical rendition of happy birthday.

Do you have any talents that you could use to make or do something for her?

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I like the idea of bringing her a picnic lunch. You could pack her favourite sandwiches, cheeses, fruits, and snacks, and bring some chilled sparkling cider. Spread a blanket on the grass if you can, and eat together in the sunshine.

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Does she have a locker at your school? Get to school early and tie some balloons to it.

Get a T-shirt made that she can wear over her clothes that says “Birthday Girl” on it. And then follow with @Seelix ‘s idea of a special lunch, with a birthday cup cake and candle.

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All of the above, plus compose for her a short poem.

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You can write a poem, as @mazingerz88 said. I know you can, lol

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Haha thank you guys for all the brilliant answers! But keep them coming!!! And yes I do play an instrument..The drums but I’m sure that can’t really do much haha, sadly…No band…So..No serenade…..But I am going to try the flower idea, that was my first idea for her. Since I know she loves Roses, but her favorite are Blue roses, which are not found in nature, and if they are found rarely…

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Since you mention school has started, I’ll assume that you are young. I suggest staging several “small” things: reading her a poem, providing her a compliment, singing her a line or two from a favorite song, stopping for ice cream (or other treat that she likes), and all of the things mentioned above—and do these every XX minutes that eqate to her age (every 17 minutes, e.g.)

I love that you’re trying to make this a special day—lurve to you!

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@Vincent_Lloyd If you get some white roses tomorrow & fresh cut the ends, put them in water that you’ve added blue food dye to. They should be blue by morning. If you get them today, just put them in a cool place or in the fridge so they don’t wilt by Monday.

Otherwise, if you ask a florist, they may be able to sprinkle white roses with a flower safe blue glitter ;)

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Call a few floral shops and ask them how to get a white rose made blue. They do it with carnations so maybe with roses?

I love the charm bracelet idea you can build on as time goes by. It’s something she’s sure to treasure all her life, a wonderful memory of youth and young love.

Picnics at school are wonderful. @Seelix gave you great suggestions. You two might be “on display” a little but why not, it’s the girl’s birthday and who wouldn’t love to look back and count that birthday as a very special one?

You’re a very very very thoughtful bf, I hope she’s good to you also.

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If you can do it an invitation to a shore trip next weekend with the necklace. You can still do the bear and flowers with a cute coupon for a trip to the beach. I know I would love the fact that a guy went through all the trouble for me.

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I don’t know your girlfriend, but I will tell you how I would feel and what I would like.

I am a pretty shy, private person, I would not like a big deal made at school (or at work) for everyone to see and share. To me, It seems more like a play for attention for yourself or your relationship than something truly for her.

I would prefer a nice gift given to me in private with a card you make yourself, doesn’t have to be pretty, just sincere.

I have always valued sincerity more than flashiness or extravagance.

But that’s just me, judging from the answers above, I am in the minority, but based on what you have said about your girlfriend and your relationship in past questions, seems like she could be a little overwhelmed by a big show too.

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@rooeytoo Thank you for the answer I’ll keep that in mind too, she can be shy at some points. But thank you for sharing your answer with me! :)

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By my arithmetic (which I admit is not a sure thing), your girlfriend is 14. The bear with the necklace is enough. The roses would be too, She’ll love either. The bear will be something she can cuddle and think of you. (I got one from my boy friend when I was 16 and it was a perfect gift.) If you are too extravagant now, it may be a hard act to follow. You don’t want to be inappropriate. With a boyfriend like you, she will have a wonderful birthday.

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@Sunny2 haha yes you are right she is turning 14! And sadly the bear didn’t really work so well…But I did get her the necklace but I am making a very corny card and adding roses it! But I only hope she will have a wonderful birthday. I’ll do my best to make sure of it!

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Did she say why her past birthdays weren’t the best? Perhaps that would give you a better clue as to what to do. I’m surprised that the bear didn’t work out

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