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Who is your pick for this years Super Bowl? and Why?

Asked by dreamwolf (3152points) September 5th, 2011

Who do you think will make it to the superbowl? And why? My pick is Chargers VS Saints. Because Rivers seems matured and Saints will have a juicy offense.

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Remind me what a Super Bowl is?

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The Green Bay Packers. Because they are currently “this year’s” SuperBowl champions.

I have no idea who might be in the game in 2012.

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Love those guys they are awesomeeeee!!

soz about backwards!!

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I always say the 49ers because they have been my team since the early 80’s. Frank Gore is getting old and beat up, Alex Smith has had a lump or two also. Preseason was 50/50 .. one of which was a victory over the chargers.

I would say the saints have a much higher shot of getting there than the chargers do though.

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I think it will be Baltimore vs. the Saints.

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Packers duh!!!

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@digitalimpression There’s arguably no competition in the AFC West for the Chargers. The NFC South has two very elite quarterbacks in Matt Ryan and Drew Brees. Tampa Bay, is also a pretty decent team. So it might actually a bit harder for the Saints. Let’s be real, the San Francisco 49ers?! Are you kidding me. Sometimes you got to look at reality and realize first off this is how the rest of the U.S. sees the 49ers. It starts off the same… Oh yeah Alex Smith, he’s gonna do it this year, oh yeah this year he’s got a second year under the same coordinator, oh yeah Alex Smith he’s got Vernon Davis, and Michael Crabtree, oh yeah, oh yeah oh yeah. Alex Smith is a bust. There’s a reason he shared reps with Troy Smith. I like the 49ers. I love Willis, he’s a heck of a player. The niners are my NFC team because of proximity to SD. But they aren’t going to make the playoffs, unless a freak accident happens to Sam Bradford or Kevin Kolb. I think Arizona takes the NFC West. Sorry Ferrari.
@marinelife Ravens? Not a bad pick. Almost made it last year. But as their offense rises, their defense gets one year older. I feel like Ray Rice will do really well for 11 games, and other 6 not so hot, just because of he takes on such a huge load, and he takes hits, doesn’t really go out of bounds. @kamikaze The Packers? I like those guys, repeats are so hard to do in the NFL. And they kind of squeaked by in the playoffs. Not in a dominant fashion, like the Rams of 99’ and 2000, or the Patriots title runs. But yeah, these are all good answers, lets keep it rolling!

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Floridafrisco Fishfingers.

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@dreamwolf Having seen both the Chargers and the Ravens play in the pre-season, my money is still on the Ravens.

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The Tennessee Titans. Jeff Fisher is gone and the new coach does not take any crap from any player.

This year, they have a lot of new, young players and from the looks of the scrimmage games, they will head to the Super Bowl this season.

We will see.

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@john65pennington I love the Titans, but they will not win. They acquired Matt “I can’t win the big game” Hasselbeck who broke my heart for too many seasons with the Seahawks.

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@marinelife really? you didn’t think rivers was above solid? i enjoy watching flacco, he’s so finesse in the pocket. but lets be serious, the preseason showcases pretty much next to nothing. flacco had wayyyyyy more snaps than rivers. he had top five amount of attempts, rivers was isnt even in the top 15 in the preaseason. remember the chargers had the number one offense and defense last year. i think theyre defense will dip probably into the top 10 with out coordinator rivera. but the offense will be even more fabulous with jackson starting the season. @john65pennington ahh and i love the titans running game. reminds me when we had LT the first 3 years, he’s all we were watching. probably like, all the titans fans are doing, just watching chris johnson. i felt you guys shouldve kept vince young. as for hassleback, well he’s old as dirt, who’s he going to be throwing it to? titans wont even make wildcard this time around, let alone the superbowl. feel sorry for your team for forking over so much to johnson. the nfl is clearly a quarterback & defensive driven league. but yeah, well see!

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Packers vs. Who Cares? The Pack will win anyway ;)

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@SpatzieLover I’m not going to lie. When I watch the Packers, playing in Lambeau, vs any team. I can’t help but think to myself. Damn, this is what football should look like. Players huffing and puffing cold air. A little nice, snow in the air. Man, in San Diego, we just have “perfect” conditions all season long. I always tune in to games in the east on tv. So exciting!

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@kamikaze Dude you can’t be cussing out people here, thats not cool. You’re such a spammer. Get off Fluther.

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