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What little mistake did you repeat recently?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30641points) October 6th, 2011

I went out in the sun for an extended time without sunscreen today and got burned. Ouch.

What little error did you find yourself repeating in the last few days or weeks?

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Trusting the wrong people. I dunno if it counts as “little,” but you’d think I would have learned my lesson by now.
Hope you heal fast!

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Bit my nails off… and lots of procrastinating, assloads of it.

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I forgot I took a vicodin, then had a few gin and tonics. Now I’m high :/

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I didn’t stand up for myself against this fuckbag at work. As soon as I put down the phone or come away from a conversation with him I think, shit I was too nice to that prick. Then I promise myself, next time I’ll be cold with him. I hope I really will be next time.


Addressing somebody at work by the wrong name. Did it twice, once yesterday, and once today. Lol. Oops.

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@Blackberry you’re a trooper. I would be zonked out by now.

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@ANef_is_Enuf Feels great, actually. Next thing you know, I’ll be harassing fluther for drug money.

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@Blackberry you’ve got a one man party going on. Nice.

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Thought it was Wednesday when it was Tuesday and today I thought it was Friday but it’s only Thursday!

Forgot to bring home the papers I need from my work office AGAIN.

I know there are many other things, but I can’t remember what they are?

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Another mistake I made was not watching Mad Men sooner. This show is thoroughly awesome.

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I did the same thing @Blackberry. Had to go and buy the DVDs. Great series.

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Forgetting to eat lunch hehe. Now I’m really hungry. :(

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I keep masturbating, I’m 23 have a gf. I need to stop.

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Superfetation. I forgot my gf is pregnant and knocked her up again.

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I mocked the wife while she was cooking, I now have a fork inserted up my anus, I dare not fart for fear of skewering my meatballs!! :¬(

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Forgetting it is sock season here now. Toes get kinda cool somedays.

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I didn’t take action.

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Hadn’t looked at my college e-mail in some time and missed some worthwhile meetings.

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I kept putting a pen without the cap on into the front pocket of my smock.

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I poured water into the coffee pot and set the pot on the counter. After I finished filling the coffee maker with grounds, I pushed the start button without putting the pot back under the spout.

I do this so often, I keep the coffee maker in a tray on the counter, so all the spilled coffee goes into the tray.

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@YARNLADY : That actually made me laugh out loud. Thank you.

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