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When do you see yourself retiring, and how well do you believe you will be financially?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) October 13th, 2011

The way jobs and finances are going lately, many put off retiring because they can’t afford to do it, others still wonder if they can ever retire. When do you see yourself retiring? Will you be retiring early, and if so, because you want to or are you being forced to accept an early retirement? Will you have to delay it, take another 5 Years or more? Will you have to move to a smaller residence? Will you have to move to a retirement community, take food stamps, or some other aid to get by? Is your pension fat where you can do it alone, no help from family or your children?

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I think I’ll be fine. I’ve been making voluntary superannuation contributions since I turned 18, plus the 9% from my employer. So long as I don’t spend too much time unemployed and continue making voluntary contributions I anticipate being able to retire by 65. Nothing fancy, but I’ll be comfortable at least.

Of course, I’m still young. Things will probably change.

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Is completely fu*ked a good answer?

*Thanks to my ex and my student loans, I will spend whatever life I have left alone and digging myself out from under a pile of sh*t you wouldn’t believe if I told you. In many more ways than just financial.

Being with an asshole for 9 years, shouldn’t end the rest of your entire life… But sometimes it does.

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July 3, 2003. I’m doing okay so far.

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By the time I get to retirement age I don’t think there will be any such thing. My choice will be work till I die, or live in abject poverty.

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I will be fine. I have been putting extra into my super for quite a few years plus we have built up other assets that will ensure we have sufficient funds to be sufficiently funded in our retirement. There is a government provided pension here but all employers have to pay those in employment (even casual employees over a certain level of pay) 9% into appropriate superannuation funds. My employer pays in a lot more than that. We are still undecided about future living plans, but I would prefer to stay in our own home (probably a much smaller home) in a coastal area but close enough to hospitals and services we might need.

@GabrielsLamb. I was in your position a few years ago. I had nothing but a very acrimonious and litigious ex. I continued with my studies and got into a well paid job with good provision for retirement. Certainly you might not have enough to go on overseas holidays and live the high life in your retirement, but if you make it a focus, you can have funds to supplement any government pension. Are you working? Have you seen a financial adviser? If this is something that worries you, perhaps you should. Certainly if your life doesn’t go the way you want it to from here, I don’t believe you can blame your ex.

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I’ll probbaly be dead before the age of retirement. If not, I’ll be put in an old folk’s home, or freeze to death in an alley.
At least, so far as the way things are goin at the mo. :D

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Most people probably set a date for retirement based on what they want to do and how much they hate their jobs. But maybe the first question should be ” How much money will I need to retire?” You need to do a budget down to the last penny.
Then ask, “How much money will be coming in after taxes?”
Lastly, “How much money have I saved to date/How much money am I saving now?”

It should be obvious after answering these questions, when and if you can retire. The answer could be bad news but at least there would be no surprises later on.

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