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Do you have any meditation books or tips you recommend for children?

Asked by SpatzieLover (24515points) October 19th, 2011

Recently I bought a book called Starlight Meditations For Children, after reading a recommendation & reviews for it online. I’ve been using it for about two weeks with my son. He loves it! He begs for it before he goes to sleep each night…

The author has other books which I may look into buying. Before I do, I thought I’d see if any jellies had any tips for other meditation books, CDs…anything you’ve used or currently use that help you or your children relax.

My son has Asperger’s. Meditating prior to sleep helps him get to a calm state. I am also interested in using this as part of our daily routine to help him find his center and be more self-aware.

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Great question. I will follow.
My oldest son (6) will often ask to meditate with me (I meditate daily). Most of the time, I just do simple guided meditation that concentrates on a body scan for tension, followed by concentration on slow, relaxed breathing. He seems to really enjoy it – mostly, I suspect, because he sees it as “something Dad does”. But sometimes he really does seem more relaxed and focused following even a brief meditation.

Also, not a meditation book, but only somewhat-related…my kids really enjoy the Zen Shorts books. It often sparks some thoughtful discussion.

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Yoga would compliment the meditation rather nicely…my son has autism, and I find that yoga helps him relax…

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I am currently looking for some meditation cds and books for children so thank you for asking this question, if I come across any on my travels then I’ll certianly post them here

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I have a CD set, it isn’t specifically for Children but it’s “Insight Meditation”, and one of the sections is a walking meditation – a guided meditation while you calmly walk, I do it just back and forth in the room—and it’s very, very calming, and I think it would be fine for kids, incl. one with Asperger’s.

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