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Astrocartography: I have some questions...can you help? (Details)

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11250points) October 23rd, 2011

(Please don’t bother answering with why you don’t believe in this, think it’s nonsense, superstition, not approved by the FDA, FTC, NASA, Fannie Mae or whatever. My question is not for you. I understand your views, but I have found this system viable. Thank you.)

Hi! I’d like to hear from someone who is really familiar with astrology and/or astrocartography.

1. When you calculate the influences of a certain city you want to move to——do you plug in your birth information with the new place you want to move to in order to see what influences might be there? (Example: You were born in Boise, but you want to move to Miami…so you put in all your birth information but with Miami as your birth city to figure out if it is a good place for you to live.)

2. What is the significance of the IC, MC, DS, AS…as it figures into the planetary line crossings generally? (IC is strong for (blank), MC has (blank) energy, etc.)

3. Are Saturn and Pluto lines always nefarious/difficult? Or can they be harnessed for good? Coupled with IC,MC,DS,ASC, which one of these is better for Saturn and Pluto lines? (Less challenging, that is.)

4. When you do your birth astrocartography with lines in certain places, and you move to a new place (with different lines, of course——as I outlined in Question 1) which chart takes precedence? (Example: In John Doe’s birth chart, Venus runs through Lexington ,Kentucky…and when he moves to Miami, his Venus runs through Dublin, Ireland…which place will hold the greatest Venus energy for John Doe? Or will both?)

5. What happens when you have a good line (Sun) running parallel to a more challenging line (Pluto) and not far apart? Which one will be more powerful in this case? Which side (East or West) of a line gives one the best energy in the case of challenging and/or good influences?

6. How many miles does the influence of a line extend?

Thank you in advance!

Anything else I should know when learning to calculate astrocartography charts?

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