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Have you ever stayed friends in this situation?

Asked by zensky (13357points) October 30th, 2011

Whether it be a blind date or an arranged date, an internet date or any any other kind of first date, you have inevitably said “no” to many of them after a first date.

In many cases, there was absolutely nothing wrong with them; they were polite, kind and nice – maybe even attractive and good looking. For whatever reason – you decided there was no purpose in meeting again and taking it further.

However, you must have felt, and perhaps even told them – you think that you could be great friends – and that you are just not interested in them romantically.

They may have reciprocated – and perhaps felt the same. Egos bruised, but intellectually knowing they had met a genuiinely great person nonetheless.

So… have you ever actually remained friends with a “failed” first date? Does this ever happen?

I must admit: it hasn’t happened to me.

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Yes. And I am still friends with some of them. I know before doing something with someone if I can be friends [if they answer some of my questions and they are true when they reply].
I’m never sorry when a first romantic date goes wrong but I can spot a potential friend very good. And sometimes I might not be interested in being their friend but I don’t really know if I am suitable until I do it.

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Yes, a couple of times – nice people that I would have been sorry to lose touch with having found them.

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It has happened with me. The girl in question was renting property in Scotland after falling out with her boyfriend down south. We got together through the Internet and met up a few times before she went south to move back in with her boyfriend. Oddly enough we remained in touch for years afterwards.

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Not recently. I am friends with women I had a date with long ago, but in each instance it took a bit of time for each of us to be comfortable being together. It’s never been “this isn’t going to work out bit let’s go to a movie next week.”

I think it’s mostly because people who are going out on first dates are not looking for more friends, but looking for lovers and possible mates. I barely have time for a new relationship; I don’t have the time or energy to build a friendship.

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Yes but just one very very special internet crush. We met in person, had a fabulous though non romantic weekend after which I knew exactly of another girl that would be perfect for him and went about playing a kind of go-between. They are a smashing couple.

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I am still friends with a number of ex-dates and ex-relationships—Most of the time my relationships have ended amiably or with little tension. Even my current separation is amiable, and I intend to keep it that way for my daughter’s sake. I really don’t like hard feelings and abhor conflicts, so usually keep my end very friendly and non-volatile.

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