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Does a letter have to be sealed for the mail man to pick it up?

Asked by cliofaye (405points) November 8th, 2011

I wrote a letter to my mom and the mail man refuses to take it. I even wrote him a note asking him to take it but he never did. could it be because it’s not sealed?

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Does it have an address and stamp on it? If not, he won’t take it. Why didn’t you seal it?

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@chyna yes it has all that but instead of fully sealing it I tucked the flap inside the envelope

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Depending where you live, it may be your responsibility to take the letter to a mailbox, instead of expecting a mailman to pick it up. I was all confused about the same question after moving to a new city, but on looking it up, I found that my expectation was unrealistic. Presumably, that explains the glaring looks I’d been getting from my mail carrier.

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@dappled_leaves it’s not that because he usually gets the mail. Well he doesn’t like us so he might be purposely doing it

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He probably doesn’t want to take the chance of being held liable if something happens to the contents. Mail tampering is a federal offense. Would you want to risk being charged with that? Just seal the letter. Whether or not he likes you probably has nothing to do with it.

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I don’t get why the letter isn’t sealed. But, I have gotten junk mail that wasn’t sealed. Do you have a return address on the envelope?

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@SpatzieLover yes it has everything on it

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