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Which disorder needs to be taken up into the DSM 5?

Asked by rebbel (24843points) November 10th, 2011

DSM 5 will be pulished in 2013.
DSM IV came out in 1994.
That’s almost twenty years gone by then between the publications, twenty years in which the world has seen major new technologies, new trends/hypes, new behaviours, etc.
There will be descriptions of new disorders to be found in it, surely.
What disorder do you want to contribute to it?
They may be funny, clever or a comment/critic on the ‘modern times’.
Edit: And can you desscribe it in a way that DSM does it? Like this proposed one: Negativistic (passive-aggressive) personality disorder.

In no way do I want to ridicule any(one with a) disorder, just a light time-spending with you, Jellies.

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Well, addiction to Fluther, obviously.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Definately Flutheritis.
And Big Thumb Disorder.

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Once when I was taking a mental health history, a woman said everyone in her family had “crazy-NOS” (Not Otherwise Specified). I have diagnosed a lot of people with that since.

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Social and fiscal conservatism.

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Narcissistic Candidate for Presidency Disorder with Hyper-Sexual Distortional Ideation

(DSM 5 Category 9.9.9)

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I’m going to have to add Jelly Love Overdose. My comment on my nephew just got it’s tenth GA. Thank you ever so much.

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CAN with KaDUI
Constant Attention Necessity with Kleptomania and Driving Under Influence

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The need to argue the opposite of whatever opinion someone has just stated on Fluther despite knowing they are probably correct.

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@Blackberry – Funny, I was going to say liberalism.

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Progenitor maladjustment disorder NOS.

It’s when what the diagnostician really means “Look, there’s nothing wrong with your kid that isn’t cause by you being a horrible parent, but if I tell you that, then you’ll just keep being a horrible parent and won’t let me see the kid to help them in what little ways I can and keep an eye out for anything I should report, so I’m just going to stick this ‘organic’ disorder label on them that totally removes any blame from you as a parent and lets you get help from insurance to pay for treatment”.

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@YoBob Lol. Well, I didn’t mean all conservatism.

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I had a friend recently tell me he had “Shiny Ball Syndrome”.

No, it’s not what you think. He described it as having a tenancy…. Oh look at the shiny ball….to get… Oh, look at the shiny ball…distracted…Shiny Ball!!!!... easily.

As for me, as a sufferer of CRS (Can’t remember stuff), I’d like to see it included.

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@Aethelflaed It’s the video games, music, and media, right? :P

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We’re in the DSM 5 already? Boy am I old!

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The pathological need to tell everybody what you’re doing via Facebook every 10 minutes.

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We see a lot of cases of PDT (er, problem, down there . . .) it can range from an STD to a light bulb where it shouldn’t be . . .

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Delusions of Multitasking. A disorder that causes people to pathologically overestimate their ability to talk on their cellphones and do other things at the same time like walk, enter and exit buildings, drive, shop, etc. Meanwhile, doors get slapped back in my face, they impede my access to produce because they are standing there talking picking out and bagging one green bean every twenty seconds, and then making me wait in line behind them longer than I have to, when they check out, because they are on their goddam phones and not paying attention to the process.

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