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Should I sue my landlord tomorrow morning?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21611points) December 8th, 2011

Here is the basic story of what has happened so far:

On the 13th of November I moved to the UK. Before moving I looked online for a room to rent, I found a room that was advertised as “Couples ok”.

Once I moved in and handed over the money I went to go get my girlfriend so that we could watch a movie at my place, this is when I discovered that actually, couples are not allowed. The land lord claimed that the webiste he advertised on had made a mistake.

All details can be found here.

We worked out an agreement so that they did not have to give me back my money and I move out, the agreement was that I was to be allowed to have guests until midnight, and one overnight stay allowed per week on friday.

About a week ago I was watching a movie in my room with my girlfriend, the time was 10:45pm, my landlord then knocked on the door drunk and started shouting “Tell your girlfriend to get the fuck out of here before I beat the fuck out of you”.

The landlord then went on to say how he did not want “any fucking chinks shitting in my toilet”. He then picked up a kitchen knife, and started making threats to stab me.

I warned him to calm down and stop shouting before I set my foot up with a long term lease to live in his asshole, and being a 4ft one eyed alcoholic he wisely complied.

I left the building and went outside to discover my girlfriend on the phone to the police. The police arrived, cautioned him, and restrained him while I went in to get my property.

The next day I started a law suit against him, but he begged me to settle out of court. I told him I would do so if he gave me back my money (he did) and gave me 1000 pounds more to compensate for delaying my search for work, as I now had to find a new place instead of look for work. (he agreed)

He signed an agreement admitting liability and promising to pay me compensation. As he has not got much money, I included in the agreement that he could pay back at the rate of 100 bucks a week.

It is now the end of the week, and there is no 100 bucks in my account. My lawyer says I should take him to court as he has admitted liability in writing, and has advised me that I can cash in 10k from him or more with ease because of said agreement.

So… I put it to the collective. Do I sue the guy or just have the lawyer tell him to cough up the 100 bucks?

The lawyer is working for free on this one (friends of the family) so there are no legal costs to worry about so far or to come.

Anyway, if any of you have been wondering where I have been the last couple of weeks, now you know.

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Personally, I don’t waste time avenging the negative. There is a positive future that needs your full attention. Don’t let the bad stuff take a single second away from experiencing the good.

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Technically, it’s not really the end of the week yet. There’s still Friday and Saturday.
I would probably wait until next week. Personally, I would’ve sued his ass a long time ago.

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@Michael_Huntington According to the agreement, he shall make payment no later than 23:59 each thursday. (sorry for the poor explanation)

Off to bed now, girlfriend is waiting… I’ll check in tomorrow morning to see the answers. Thanks in advance all.

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If it were me, I wouldn’t really want to spend a lot of time on it. I’d let the lawyer or the cops deal with it, but really, I want to get on with my life and in the long run, the 100 quid per week is not going to be worth the aggravation. The guy is suffering enough all on his own.

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Listen to the advice of your lawyer.

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Ah, I apologize for misunderstanding. I guess at first you should get your lawyer to make him cough up the money. If he doesn’t comply and if you are comfortable suing him, then go for it.

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Follow your lawyers advice, it is what you hired him for.

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I believe people like that should be taught a lesson. He has anger issues and shouldn’t be in a position to harm the public. He needs to learn that he can’t keep getting away with shitty behavior. Now, that said. Keep in mind that this guy probably has emotional problems and he may try to do you some harm in the future. If you believe you can stay reasonably safe from harm, than go for it.
He was probably thinking you couldn’t afford a lawyer and he could get away without having to pay you back. He probably has done this numerous times and has done this so call mistake in the paper and then come up with a way to make people move out and he stays with the cash.

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Take the mofo to the cleaners.

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as with all things legal, follow your lawyers advise

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I might give him a single warning to make the payment immediately or suffer the consequences… But that’s just cuz I have a forgiving personality.

Either way I think this ends with you suing him.

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“First, kill all the lawyers. The point is to prevent litigation”

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