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Holiday gifts for 14-17 year old teens?

Asked by Neizvestnaya (22652points) December 9th, 2011

If you are a teen, have teens, like stuff for teens- what have you seen or been asked for that you would suggest? I’ve got two boys and one girl to shop for. Googling what teens want was a bust.

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It depends on your budget. If you are trying to stay in the $30 and under price, iTunes gift cards, or check out for the guys. It she is a girly girl, Sephora puts their gift cards in a nice little compact mirror.
If they are all going to be together for the holidays, you might consider getting them all remote control cars that they can play with on Christmas day. The mini ones are fun.

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I agree, it depends on the price range as well as their likes/hobbies. My fiance has 2 teens. The boy likes minutes for online games like war of warcraft. He also likes gift cards for i-tunes. He is very un-sporty so we know to stay away from anything related to sports.

The girl is 17 and she seems to always request gift cards for clothing from Forever 21, PacSun, Aeropostale or American Eagle. Of course this is in a $20—$50 range. And gift cards are a bit impersonal but teens love to shop!
Of course, teens love electronics if you are willing to spend more…. i-touch, new android phone, speakers, a digital camera…
I do sympathize as it is tough, especially when they have everything that they want. It is so much easier to buy for our little boy.
Another thing she likes is dvd sets of her favorite shows like the Seasons of Supernatural.

Also do they collect anything?

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@Judi & @Gia33: Our budget is about $200. per kid. Last year we did gift certificates to one of their favorite clothes stores and each kid got a game and movie passes stocking stuffers. The kids do like Aeropostle and Hollister but the prices there get them a lot less than say, Tilly’s. They all pretty much game in their spare time so Game Stop gift certificates will be no surprise. I guess a wanted gift is better than a lukewarm surprise.~

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I just put this answer on another question Boy do I feel stupid! If they don’t already have them, why don’t you get them each an iPod touch, starting at $199

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@Judi: We gave them iPod Touch two Christmas’ ago and they loved them, use them all the time still.

Anyone have a thumbs up or down on the hoodie-sweatjackets with iPod earbuds and dock built in?

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@Neizvestnaya Thumbs up! Especiallly if they live in a colder place, it’s really hard to listen to music and stay warm at the same time. Good idea!

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You could call them up and ask them for gift ideas. That’s probably the best way to make sure it’s something these specific teens would want.

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@Aethelflaed: I am doing that now. There might not be many surprises but we want the kids to have things they want. More than that, we want them to tell us what they want regardless if they think the things are reasonable or not, whether we actually get them those things or not.

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I have a 14 year old. Her wish list is SO specific it would only apply for a small number of other teens..who like creating their own Anime, Viking History and Hetalia.
Sooo if I were in your shoes..I would specifically ask them to create their own Amazon wish list. Teens are hard to buy for.

If you are thinking about the hoodies with the built in ear might want to look at American Eagle. ( They have an entire collection of ear muffs, cute hats and hoodies that all have built in earbuds. (All sorts to choose from.)

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@geeky_mama: Thanks for the American Eagle earbuds link! Our girl is a deep gamer girl and creates all sorts of stuff I have no clue about. These kids camp out with their dad for Midnight pre sales of the games they want. Right now they’re wearing out Skyrim.

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Ahhh. Yeah, our 14 yr. old is not a gamer. She’s more anime & cosplay.
Do these kids have GameFly memberships? Just another gift could offer to pay for a GameFly membership for a year…

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Kindles seem to be all the rage these days.

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The kids’ grandparents are giving them each $100. cash so we figured we’d give each of them a few gift cards to different spots, enough for after holiday shopping sales and if they find something more expensive, they can back the gift card up with the cash. I’m going to wrap each gift card in it’s own box, different sized boxes, different papers and let it ride. The stocking stuffers will be movie gift cards, candies and exotic fruits.

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