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What country should I move to?

Asked by sunyata_rakshasa (350points) December 14th, 2011

High % of Atheists, Humanists, etc.

Highest % of people with absolute equal rights ((100 would be awesome)).

Highest % of production and use of alternative energy sources (solar, wind, hydro, thermal, etc).

Competitive Education Rates to other countries.

Highest % No GMO, Organic Food Production.

High Environmental Concerns in Gov Policies.

Etc Etc….I think you catch my drift.

Really Im just asking for resources for my personal research. Discussion is welcome. Thank you all.

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I wish one of these places existed.

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Somewhere in Scandinavia is probably your best bet.

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Canada, while not perfect, is a great place to live.

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The Netherland

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Have you tried the World Fact Book @ It might give the basic country data for some of your categories. No country is that great, but you might find some that align in your direction. Another book I recently read is The Geography of Bliss: One Grump’s Search for the Happiest Places in the World by Eric Weiner. Gave me great insight into the cultures of the world and how other people feel about their day to day lives.

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Why do you want to move?

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I’d say Norway. But they are a homogeneous society, and do have some tension surrounding non-Norwegian immigration.

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I don’t know but when you find it, there is another jelly who will move there with you. I am not allowed to say his name though!

@zenvelo – according to this Norway isn’t exactly a paradise either.

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I am tired of the tyranny of this first world. I realize it is international. But I feel the U.S. is a major player in the travesties that humanity faces in our modern age. And I want nothing to do with it any longer.

This country has drifted rapidly away from the values of our forefathers, whom also committed horrible crimes when building this nation.

It poisons us with Chemicals in our food, medicine, water, air.

It has no respect for indigenous people, GLBT’s, the poor, etc.

It poisons the minds of its youth with horrid media, and education.

It is the greedy 1% that now controls this country.

And while I hope with all my heart that it’s people rise up to meet the challenges of an other American Revolution, I have lost the will to fight, and wish to spend the remainder of my life elsewhere.

I am a coward, I admit that. I am not a patriot, I admit that. I love the this land, from sea to sea, and beyond. But i hate the ignorance of the people, that have allowed them selves to be lead like sheep to the slaughter.

All great suggestions, I realize no place will be perfect, as the flaws that America faces, are inherent in humanity. But I know there are places that have it a bit more under control.

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I also think that Scandinavia for the most part is more concerned with human rights and fairness than other places on earth. I visited Denmark a few years ago and i liked it there a lot. Denmark was the first country in the world to legalize same-sex unions, in 1989.

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Canada is closer and may be cheaper to live in.

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P.s. I Live IN Hawaii…so Canada is not actually all that closer….but a good choice non the less….man if i had money i’d jsut buy land in Thailand, and make my own utopia in the jungle…..raaawrrr….

thanks everyone,....seems Canada, and Scandinavia are my best options.

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Thailand is good as long as you don’t use any drugs. Aussies are filling the jails there because of drugs. And sexism is pretty rampant, don’t think education is too great, not particularly into environmental issues, would rather grow economy. Naw I don’t think that fills your wish list. Would double check Scandinavia before you pack your bags, the climate might a bit harsh for you after living in Hawaii, same with Canada’s temps.

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Oh I know it doesn’t fill my wish list, hence me saying, “if had had money< i’d make my own utopia” hence i wouldn’t worry about the the rest of the fucking world, and I’d just like on my farm in the jungle, damn near completely isolated.

And yes I’m not stupid bra, I know what the weather would be like. I am living in Hawaii now, but I am originally from Minnesota so it wouldn’t be that big of a leap, especially the Canadian move. And ironically I’d be used to the food in Scandinavia as well, as most Minnesotans are of Scandinavian descent. LOL.

I’ma do my research any how. I was just hoping for some surprise countries, places I wouidn’t have thought about on my own. But alas everyone is saying what I already know. ((sigh))

Thanks everyone any how.

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I don’t know about your specific guidelines but Germany is gorgeous to look at, the people (for the most part of course) are clean, nice, and they have reaaaaaly good alcoholic beverages! And their economy is fair.

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