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Has a "celebrity" death ever touched you more than it should?

Asked by Blueroses (18234points) December 28th, 2011

My life has been touched by death and suicide but I move on, as you must, through the holidays.

Yesterday, I was watching the Next Great Baker episode where Sgt. Wesley was eliminated and was shocked at the end of the show to see the In Memory message at the end.

When I learned that this young man had shot himself, I cried. Is that transference of emotion? Have you ever felt more for a stranger than you do for yourself?

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Michael Jackson is the love of my life. :(

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I feel for strangers more than I feel for myself more often than not. I know the weight my shoulders can bear is a lot, so I offer to carry some of the weight for others through prayer. To learn that someone has taken their own life is so heavy. It shatters me. My brother took his own life seven months ago. The shock wave that has been left behind will forever circle the earth. Once enough of this energy gets out there, I fear for mankind. Once that energy is out there, there is no taking it back. Once to heavy for Earth, mother nature will reset herself for the sake of humanity.
Sorry for not answering your question directly… I guess no celebrity death has touched me anymore than any other death.
When you’ve swam in some of the waters that I have dunked my head in, death is just part of it and suicide is choice that many wear whom feel lost, broken and without hope. I do not condone it but I understand it probably to well.

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I was genuinely crushed when George Carlin died.
However, not unlike @judochop, it is not unusual for me to feel a great deal of emotion for strangers. I feel for people, period. I don’t know if I have ever felt “more” for a stranger than I do for myself, but I have felt intense empathy or sympathy for people that I don’t know. Not unlike I would feel for someone that I know very well. It can be an exhausting way to live life, honestly.

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Sorry to hear about your brother, @judochop.

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All I know is that these feelings eventually fade away…

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Not at all.

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Only recently the Welsh football manager took his own life, he was just 42.
Came as a complete surprise, not only to those close to him, but also to the thousands of football fans across the country.
I was personally touched because he started his playing career at my team Leeds United.
Legend of a player & a genuine good bloke, RIP Gary Speed.

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I was a follower of one of the best U.S. Presidents that America has ever had.

President John F. Kennedy.

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Heath Ledger- He was way too young. He had such a promising career. I can’t seem to watch any movie he was in. It just seems such a shame.
Its one thing to die from suicide or illness or gentics but its just seems very sad when someone dies trying to get some sleep. I can’t help but feel that doctors never really diagnosed what his problem was and jumped to quickly to giving him pills for his insomnia instead of trying to really cure him.

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I don’t think any death has hit me as hard as John Lennon’s.
It’s been 31 years, and I still have trouble talking about it.

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Heath Ledger, Kurt Cobain and Michael Jackson.

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President Kennedy, of course, especially when they showed the riderless horse with the boots reversed. But for some reason John Wayne’s death hit me almost as hard as my own father’s death. I don’t know why, since I’m not one to have “heros” or “role models.”

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I cried over the deaths of Heath Ledger, George Carlin and Kurt Cobain. Especially George Carlin.

It’s still depressing when I think about it. I don’t even want to watch the episodes of Thomas the Train that George Carlin narrated.

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I was greatly affected by the death of Princess Diana. She had been chosen by the Queen for Prince Charles so she could provide sons. Prince Charles never loved her because he was already in love with someone else. Princess Diana was a very caring & intelligent individual & she soon realized that her marriage was a sham. She was young & beautiful, & she should have had her whole life before her once she got loose from Charles…. it was very sad for her to lose her life so soon.

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@Blueroses, @judochop I’m sorry for your losses to suicide- I do feel surviving suicides is one of the most difficult things to go through. My heart goes out to you all.

This thread made me tear up… For me, I was struck by Natasha Richardson’s death and Liam Neeson’s grieving afterwards. I had just, that week, shown the movie “Nell” to my class.

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Steve Jobs and Douglas Adams, but they are both heroes of mine.

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For most, about as as much as any other stranger’s.

Heath Ledger and Anne McCaffrey’s deaths have both affected me at a more personal level though; I looked up to them and they both still inspire me in a great number of ways.

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