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What the heck did I see (animal)?

Asked by Mariah (25883points) December 28th, 2011

Caught a glimpse while riding in the car of what looked to be a kind of squirrel climbing a tree. It was reddish in color and just bigger than a chipmunk. American red squirrel, right? Except I live in the northeast US. What the heck?

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Oh wait, shit, I misread the wikipedia article. I think maybe red squirrels are in my area.

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We have tons of red squirrels around here.

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A red squirrel here, a red squirrel there…

Red squirrels are everywhere… live.

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@Adirondackwannabe I’m in upstate New York…why have I never seen one before today?

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The eastern grey squirrel would be in your area. The fox squirrel does not seem to be common in New England. The american red squirrel can be found anywhere with conifers, except the west coast. They are “widely distributed across North America”. I don’t know how common they are in New York, but it seems like they are known to be there. From the article it says that “recently, American Red Squirrels have been expanding their range to include primarily hardwood areas”.

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In the northeast also and it has been a good year for red squirels.

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@Mariah They’re very antisocial and territorial and don’t put up with any other squirrels so you’d see one at a time at best.

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@PhiNotPi Yeah I see loads of gray squirrels, this was a lot smaller. Now that I know they live here I’m pretty certain it’s a red squirrel. Wish I’d gotten a longer look at it.

@blueiiznh @Adirondackwannabe Cool! Thanks for the info.

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@Mariah Read the edit I just made. Red squirrels seem to be expanding their area.

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Ah, cool!

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Red squirrels seem to be expanding their area

Growing up in Michigan, I never saw a little red squirrel. About 10 years ago they showed up around my mom’s house. They’re really aggressive and chase all the other animals and birds away from her feeders. I thought they would out-compete the grey squirrels, but this Christmas I only saw grey ones.

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There are flying white squirrels in a small town in TN… would be pretty.

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Hey, I think it was a red squirrel.

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We have both red and gray squirrels where I am, but they seem to keep to their own areas… the grays will sometimes chase reds away from the birdfeeders, too. So if you have a lot of grays, maybe they have been keeping the reds away.

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Probably a rare Pokemon. Be careful that Team Rocket doesn’t start chasing after you…

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Careful! Some contributers to this thread say many of God’s red-haired creatures are kinda nutsy.

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@filmfann Any last words? And you’re not going to get a last request this time.

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