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What are your experiences with the unemployment office?

Asked by chyna (45772points) January 26th, 2012

When I have been, I look around and feel such an overwhelming sense of hopelessness from all who are there. The people are made to jump through so many hoops for such a small amount of money. No one speaks to anyone one else, which I find strange because it’s usually human nature to just chat to each other in crowds. What have you encountered when you have had to go to the unemployment office?

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Never been there. Don’t intend to go there.

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Really depressing. I agree with you, everybody just seemed hopeless.

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@saint I never thought I would go there either, but after 30 years at the same company they closed my department and outsourced our jobs.

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The Unemployment Office is very helpful and at least the one that I have gone to all the people including the staff have been very friendly and helpful. I am sorry for your awful experience, but it might help to ease the sad mood by starting up a conversation with the staff and get connected with the workshops and or a counselor that specializes in your area of job.

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My husband was laid off twice this past year. He did everything online for his unemployment. That helped. Do you have that option?

I’ve had to deal with applying for food stamps and I do understand the feeling you are speaking of. It’s depressing.

good luck @chyna. I wish you the best.

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I’ve never been there.

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My husband has been laid off multiple times in the last several years, and like the blond family, we did everything online. They call sometimes, for phone interviews (to clear something up or check on your job search), but that’s it. Waaaay better than having to go there, that’s for sure.

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The initial visit has to be in person in our unemployment office, but after that, it’s all on line.
@jonsblond Thanks sweetie.

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@chyna I have to deal with the unemployment office because of my work. I go in there with a positive upbeat approach and a smile. It comes back at me in an overwhelming manner. They’re dealing with people that have lost their jobs. Of course everyone’s going to be bummed. But if you put your best out there it’s going to payoff more.
Keep your chin up. You’re tough, you’ll prevail.

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For those of you that have never been to the Unemployment Office it is now referred to as the Work Source and all unemployment is on done on the telephone station that is set up there. And I am happy for you having not to worry or about where your next paycheck is going to cover all your basic overhead costs.

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@chyna Good luck, and keep us posted!

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