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If Adam had tempted Eve with an apple, where would we be today?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) January 28th, 2012

Just suppose those roles had been reversed. Question: do you believe life would still be the same as we know it today? Think about it.

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Why would things be any different? Sorry, I don’t get it.

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A year or so ago I asked a similar question. :D

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That constellation in that story was the result of an already patriarchical and misogynistic culture. For it to be reversed, society back then would have to have been a matriarchical society, which would have persisted to this day, resulting in almost all positions of leadership, politcal, familial, corporate, military, would be in the hands of women.

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Men still would have blamed women somehow. Patriarchy happens to not be founded on any form of logic. It wasn’t an apple though, technically.

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@FutureMemory Historically, the one of the primary justifications for a patriarchal/male-dominated/misogynistic society in Judeo-Christian societies was that Eve (who represents all women) was obviously evil and prone to temptation, because she not only ate the apple herself, but tempted Adam (who represents all men) with eating it, thus causing the downfall of Man.

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My guess is that we would still be hanging out in the Garden of Eden, but with a really killer recipe for apple pie.

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@Aethelflaed Thank you. I kinda figured it out right after I posted, but your effort is appreciated :)

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@everephebe If your theory is correct, then we could already be living in the world about which the question asks. Ah, historical revisionism!

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Do I even bother getting into the religious/non-religious answer to this? It’s a fictional story in a fictional book!

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@Ponderer983 Perhaps, but even so, that story has had lots of real-world consequences.

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Men would be birthing the offspring in great pain.
Damn that Eve…our entire reproductive evolution would be perfectly altered.
Men with stretch marks, how refreshing. :-D

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I agree with @everephebe
Whats to say Eve never did it. After all its like historical claims. The person who wins gets to tell his side of the story first. Even if his account was wrong.
She was probably cooking when Adam decided to go out for a snack and forgot what he was told because he was watching the wrestling.
It would explain why my husband has to have me try out everything new that he eats and loves.
Damn that Adam.

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@ragingloli There have been noted Matriarchal societies.

To answer the question however, we’d be in the same place. The end result of their actions is what got them banned, not the notion that Eve tempted Adam. The human error is that we became bias because of this action and I guess judging from the answers men blame women for being evil and women blame Eve for having pain? I guess the latter is how it’s explained in the Gospel, but the rest is human error failing to see the point.

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@Aethelflaed I realize what you are saying, but as @auhsojsa pointed out, there are matriarchal societies that don’t seem to reference what happened the the magical “garden.” Societies would naturally form either male or female predominant – that’s just how it goes, regardless of if there was a story to “justify” a male dominated one.

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@Ponderer983 I agree, and matriarchal societies aren’t just rendered in the human world, the animal kingdom itself has this presence. My point is for me, this notion that we live in a male dominated world isn’t a set standard. In my particular life although I do hold opinions, my wife is the bread winner, my mother works two jobs, her mother is a hard worker. All this whilst I’m on my way to earning my B.A. and becoming a stay at home dad, as in I’m unemployed and will have tons of time to watch the new born on the way. I just don’t understand why people would be angry with the realities of today. It’s not to say I’m naive to the situation. For instance I understand that in the world of engineering professionals it’s predominantly male employed. My point of view is, “Be the change you want to see in the world” or in other words, stop moaning and groaning about it and put your best foot forward! And that goes for anyone, minority, anyone with a belief in their heart.

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The only thing I was thinking about was good pie. I guess I just wasn’t considering it in terms of philosopy and religiosity or male dominence.

If I was Eve, I might have asked Adam, “Did you get this on sale?”

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If Adam tempted Eve with an apple, all that would mean is that during the time the Bible was written, men were considered more likely to be wild and animalistic and immature. I don’t know if it would remain that way as the Bible doesn’t matter to many cultures, either way yet sexism against women exists almost universally.

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