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Caption competition! Name that acronym caption to the news photo (#5 and last).

Asked by rebbel (27838points) March 8th, 2012

Lets do this again (for the last time), I thought it to be quite amusing first (and second and third and fourth) time around!
Watch this news picture and give a solution for the acronym caption that goes with it (please)!

The caption: K.L.A.C.S.

Original caption will follow in due time.

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17 Answers

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Klaus Lumbers Across Crystal Shizzle

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Kills Luthor AND Clark’s Supermsn

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Kryptonite Lessens Albino Cowboy’s Swagger

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Keeps Levitating Ancient Crystal Spikes

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Karl Likes Advertising Crystal Stones

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Karl Lagerfeld Acquired Crystal Stage

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Karl Limbers Across Crystalized Stage

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You’re sure the acronym wasn’t O.M.G.W.T.F.?

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Kryptonian Landscape Attracts Cock Sucker.

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Karl Lagerfield announces collection for Spring 2012. I’m dull. I know.

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@rebbel btw I hope you will reconsider ending these caption posts. I enjoy them.

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ditto. Reading the posts is a bright spot in my week.

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Karl’s Libido Alters Crystalline Structure.

This isn’t really the last one, is it???

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I really like these too, don’t quit now!

Karl Launches Astounding Climate-controlled Spaceship…

…Knowingly Leaves Alien Crowd Speechless.

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Kentucky legend apparition calls security.

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Klutzy lesbian admires cock statues.

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Thanks, all.
This one received some very creative, and funny solutions!
And @filmfann, @SpatzieLover, @dappled_leaves and @Keep_on_running: thanks for the heads up!
I thought it might become a bit boring to see that same quiztion again and again every week, but your words and the witty answers in this thread made me reconsider and I will be back with one soon :-)

The original caption, by the way, was: Karl Lagerfeld Attends Chanel Show. Here.

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