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Drunken Saturday night shenanigans. Where are my fun jellies at?

Asked by Jude (32131points) March 17th, 2012

We need to liven this place up a bit!! It’s kind of blah, you know?

I am drinking double tequila margaritas in memory of my Mom. She would have been 69 today. There seems to be a lot of older jellies anymore. Where are the young folks???

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There’s my girl..

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Yeah man, let’s rock this bitch up. Fluther’s been so damn slow and not active…in the words of Cid Highwind, even the moon would get tired waitin’ round for your ass! ya heard, Fluther? Bunghole.

Sorry to hear about your mom. I’ll raise my glass to her. ^^ Don’t drink too much and don’t get sick! I’ll hold your hair if you do, though. :)

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Raising one up to your Mom. Cheers…. Party on!

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Slamming down the whiskey and rum, it has been a long and generally fucking crappy day. Anyway, here’s one for your mom.

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Lurve for your Mom.

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Cheers to your Mum Jude.

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Yo! I’m drinking coffee, with a little bit of Bailey’s. Really trying to find that balance between loosening up and being able to type (a paper, not physically), and slurring my text.

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I had some lemonade earlier.

I’m rockin’ this motherfucka, yep.

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I am drinking tea but it’s strong tea! Packs a punch :-) And my thoughts are with you Jude.

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We camped out, trying our new tent. Camping out in the middle of March seemed strange.

We slept naked in the tent and were surprisingly warm.

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Did I miss the party? Well cheers to you @Jude, as I sip on a cup of java with a splash of Kahlua…ummmm!

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Here’s to you and your mom Jude! Hope you are all having fun, I am in NO MOOD for livening up. I’m in isolation from fun and livening up! Cheers!!!!!!

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MMmmm…Raises a protein shake to toast @Jude‘s MamaCakes. Cheers Dear!

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I was too drunk to be trusted online. :D

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Are you saying the older jellies are no fun? (and what is considered an older jellie? I know I’m not more than two years older than you, @Jude, so I’m assuming I’m not considered older. Or am I? :P)

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