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A month of serenity; out in the woods, in a cottage all by yourself; are you down?

Asked by Jude (32131points) March 24th, 2012

I could go for that right now.

What would be your idea of serenity out in the woods? What would you need? What would you do?

No phones, no t.v. and no computers, by the way.

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I would just need a female and a lot of viagra.

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Only if the wolves have mating season.

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Why would you need the viagra?

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Axe to chop wood, matches to start fire
Books to read
Paper and Pen to write
Fishing rod (hope there is a lake) to fish
TP for when I go where the bears go.

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A whole month might be too much, but my house feels a bit like a cabin in the woods. The view from my window is a hillside with a field and a row of cherry trees, then some woods with a stream a bit further down. There’s a herd of deer living back there, and I’ve seen foxes, rabbits, owls, bats, and turkey vultures during walks in the neighborhood.

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No Broadband, No Charles.
Cruises, Out in the woods, sitting on a beach, ...., and I’m bored.

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Give me a cottage and a set of paints and I am good to go for a month!

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I would do it alone. I would also have to get my own food and make my own tools (ie au natural)

No company.
No humanity.
No clothes.
No fun.

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When! Where! How do I get there!

Oh, wait, can’t. darn.

I would need clean indoor plumbing and a simple heat source, I can live without TV and computers for a month. I might rely on PB & J sandwiches, with pickles for a veggie. Wow, just thinking about groceries for a month is mind blowing, I’d have to stock up with flour, sugar, salt, pepper, eggs, milk, butter, cheese, tea, coffee, cocoa, pb, jelly, honey,

Then I need to make sure I had yarn and sewing tools and materials, books to read, paper to write on, pens, ink, pencils, crayons and paints,

Maybe, I could like in a cottage in the woods, but I’d stress over the stocking and prep aspect and it would take me two months to settle in.

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I wouldn’t mind at all .. but I would want to bring my favorite people along. I enjoy my alone time .. but it’s always more fun to share things with family and friends. They just make it so much more special.

We have so little time with each other because everyone is so busy. If I had some quality time with them .. we could catch up and spend time just having fun and enjoying life! Doesn’t really matter what we do…

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I love this Canadian.

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Just one person…

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Do you really mean no computers? or just no Internet? How about the computer as a glorified typewriter, for writing purposes only, without outside communication?

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That sounds heavenly at the moment. Lots of books. Pen and paper. Food.

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I would like to have my husband with me. NO FOOTBALL! NO BASKETBALL!! We’d take each day as it came. All we’d really need is matches for a fire, and food. And water. And our king-sized, heated, feather waterbed. Books would be good, too. And a fishing pole for my husband so he could fish while I read. Unless there were trout in the water. Then I’d be fishing too. Well, fishing AND reading. While my husband fished and tried to sneak up on deer and cougars and eagles and stuff so he could pet them.

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I live in a cottage in the woods on 5 acres. My own little Walden Pond scene. :-)

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I would need some fun foods, some crafts, lots of books and magazines and maybe a journal. I would be doing some crafts projects and lots of reading.

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Well come on over here, all the free sheep, donkey, mule and goose watching you can stand and you can sit in my hot tub and squirt the sheep with the aquazooka squirt guns and throw strawberries at them down the hill. You can check the washing machine for tree frogs before doing your laundry and learn the sound the raccoons make when they come through the cat door and get really proficient at throwing little rocks at the wild turkeys when they raid the chicken feed the geese eat.

No lack of amusement over here. lol

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For me it would be at the Boston Harbor Hotel, with my wife, king size bed, room service, in room massage. Harbor view of course.

Not a fan of the woods, or cabins.

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Just a month?

Yeah, I would go for it as long as I have my art supplies. I need something like that right now.

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That would be pretty cool. I mean, I love my electricity, but spending a month in the woods in a small shack is probably some experience I’d appreciate. Then again, I don’t like camping. But this wouldn’t really be camping. I’d be up for it. I could draw, read, go for hikes, tend to my needs in a productive way that doesn’t involve paying bills and waiting for the bus, have fires at night. Get attacked by some guy with a mask, but then show him who’s boss. :D

I don’t know if I’d have it in me to know all the things I’d need to do to survive in the woods…but it can’t be that bad, given that I assume this scenario starts me off with most of what I’ll need for a month. I don’t need to go hunting or anything, do I?

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Decompressing for a month without television or internet?
I think I would love it, and I hope it never happens.

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As long as I had some beer I’d be fine. And some toilet paper. And some doritos. :)

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I watch a lot of horror movies and for me to be all by myself at night in the woods kind of scares me. I know it would be serene but knowing myself I’d get frightened at one point, especially if there’s bears around, or scary folks running around the woods late at night…....

So I wouldn’t do it….....

A vacation with 6 of my closest friends and loved ones for a month yes, but all by my lonesome no…..

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A cottage on my own with no people and no internet would be my idea of hell. I would last a day then the boredom would drive me crazy and I’d be hiking back to civilisation.

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I would not be able to live in a place like that for a month without some kind of assistance, or at least a mobile phone in my pocket to call for help if I need it. I would be afraid and unhappy.

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I could do it by myself, but I’d probably like to have my husband around. He gives me a lot of space, so he wouldn’t cramp my style. However, I’d need indoor plumbing at the very least, and would prefer to have electricity and a computer, too.

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@Jude I’ll eventually get tired naturally, lol.

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Sounds like heaven to me. Actually, this is something I’ve fantasized about doing, just going to the woods and being alone for a chunk of time. As long as I had the ability to stay warm (fire or electric heat), books, pens/paper, outdoorsy gear, and other needed supplies (food, coffee, TP), I would be set. I also would greatly prefer to have a computer/internet access; I’m a total addict and I get very agitated if I’m not connected for long stretches of time. If nothing else, I’d love the ability to journal/blog and/or to research cool, new, and/or nifty things I find in the woods (or perhaps the best way to do certain things—I may have a need to be handy while I’m out there alone).

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Count me in, definitely…

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For me to feel totally comfortable, there would have to be some civilization somewhere nearby. Not where I could see them, but to know they’re off not miles away. Otherwise, I might feel vulnerable. Also, it would help to know that my time off of work was not being all used up, so that by spending this time in the woods, I wasn’t eliminating any hope of vacation for the rest of the year.

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Let’s say, there is a town an hour away. You can go there to stock up on goods. =) (but, you can’t stay!)

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I ran this idea by my wife. She said, “What am I, a raccoon?” do that’d be a ‘no’ from Mrs. Cookie. :^)

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I love the idea. =) The fun would be challenging yourself to obtain fish, or if you hunt (which, I don’t), meat. Perhaps, gather wild edible berries and with a some store buy goods, make a luscious berry pie. I’d bring some good reading material, and have an iPod with me for when I take walks in the woods. I’d paint and I’d journal.

I would love to take my g/f along, though.

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This song works. =)

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No way could I do it, I’d drive myself crazy.

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@Fluthyou….no Listening to Jude speak in Canadian will drive you crazy!! Hoose a goose crazy!!

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ahahaha!! :)

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