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Would bringing back an American Bandstand-type tv dance show, bring back also the good music,once again?

Asked by john65pennington (29168points) March 25th, 2012

American Bandstand was good for rock and roll and the good songs that were written and recorded in that era. Could history repeat itself? New songs were introduced on American Bandstand. There is no such place, today. Many new writers and recording artists received their start on American Bandstand.

Question: would such a tv show, as American Bandstand, be successful today as it was in the 50s and 60s? Or, was that a different time and generation and would it fail today?

Your opinions are appreciated.

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I doubt it. I never saw American Bandstand, but I have heard the music. The songs you ask about had a distinct melody and at least a basic level of complexity and lyrical interplay. They did not use words like fuck and bitch. I can’t see many people watching a show where people dance to relentless thumping, no musical construction and misogynistic chanting. You might have a better chance re inventing Mickey Mouse Club.

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I don’t know but it just might fail. There is this unfortunate stigma in the minds of the younger generation that anything from the past may sound good, yes. But not hip enough or cool enough or awesome enough or whatever current adjective they use these days that means “cool”.

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Oh I haven’t thought about American Bandstand for eons! That was a great show. I learned how to dance watching it.

I don’t think the current younger generation would appreciate it. It’s way too tame for most of them.

Young people like high tech shows with pyrotechnics and all sorts of sophisticated effects. American Bandstand was basically just artists singing their songs and kids getting all excited in the bleachers and then dancing to the music.

Much too simplistic for today .. a shame really.

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Only if they were placed on the finishing straight at nascar & used as human skittles, now that would be entertaining.

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It’s hard to answer this question without jumping to derision, but now that I think about it, this kind of show was still around up until a few years ago on Latin television—the show Caliente. One might also notice that the Latin version of MTV also “lagged” behind it’s American counterpart by continuing to show sincere music videos well past the time this was deemed passé on American MTV.

from ABCNews:

Today, “American Bandstand’s” legacy lives on in shows like “American Idol.”

”‘American Idol’ is the hottest show on television. Ryan Seacrest is like the new Dick Clark, once again bringing music to America through television.

from Wikipedia:

Revival plans
In 2004, Dick Clark, with the help of Ryan Seacrest, announced plans to revive the show [American Bandstand] in time for the 2005 season; although this did not occur (due in part to Clark suffering a severe stroke in late 2004), one segment of the revived Bandstand—a national dance contest—eventually became the series So You Think You Can Dance. Dick Clark Productions is credited as the show’s co-producer, and longtime employee Allen Shapiro serves as co-executive producer. While the American series has aired eight seasons, its format was also replicated worldwide, from Norway (Dansefeber) to Australia (So You Think You Can Dance Australia).

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Dancing is out at the moment. It was revived with the disco craze, briefly.

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I doubt it. People would just dance to shitty music.

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Most teens in today’s world would not/could not appreciate the concept of American Bandstand. The world was a lot less complicated then as compared to now. As @mazingerz88 said, kids today demand a great deal more from a music format than American Bandstand offered in the past.

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There’s still Austin City Limits.

@john65pennington I think the problem is that you just don’t like that the music is changing. But change it must! That’s how you know it’s alive.

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Good music is all around us, you just have to know where to find it.

There’s just no one way to dance to it. Go to a concert or a club. There’s jumping around, twirling, moshing, bopping up and down, shimmying, locking and popping, break dancing, grinding, twisting, swing dancing… just because music and dancing has changed over the years doesn’t mean there’s a lack of quality or validity.

I don’t know about shows that incorporate new music with dance, but So You Think You Can Dance has some amazing dancers featured on it.

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It seems to me that American Bandstand’s main components are still around, just split into different shows (American Idol, The Voice, So You Think You Can Dance, etc.) I disagree with your premise though… there’s still a ton of great music being made today. The world did not stop turning in the 1960s, @john65pennington.

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I think American bandstand has been replaced by the likes of X factor and American Idol (and I saw a new one this weekend called The Voice) when it comes to finding new talent on TV. I wish they did get to showcase original material on these shows more though.

However, it depends what you believe “good” music to be. Personally I dislike it when people say that music was only good in a certain era. This is close minded to me and proves they are not paying much attention to the current music scene. There is plenty of it about these days.

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As I recall, our parents hated our music, we hate our teens music (I can’t figure how rap is music!), our kids, hate our grand children’s music. It is just the way of the world. Who knows, maybe our great grand children will have good music!

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