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What has life given you?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (33501points) March 31st, 2012

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” is one saying.

What has life given you?

I’ve had enough troubles to sing the blues, but if I sang, I’d be run out of town. I’ve had joy, too. I’ll keep that. Life has given me the love of children, and I’m learning to love myself.

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Life has given me a real roller coaster ride of thrills and spills. I have made a tanker full of lemonade along the way and have had some beautiful moments in the sun. I plan on make each day I am given the fullest experience life will afford me.

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Life has given me everything I have. Despite that, it is the only thing I have. Fortunately, I will never know when I no longer have it.

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It’s a wash. I only get what I give away.

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Life gave me eggs, so I made babies.

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Hypertension. :/

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More questions than answers, so that life is never boring.

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Cynicism and happiness.

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AIDS and children. I am not sure which one is worse.

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Life has given me a good career, a great second marriage, and some wonderful dogs.

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The usual mixed bag, big highs, big lows, lots of in the middle. Life has taught me to hold on loosely, keep a great sense of humor, don’t sweat the small stuff, kick asshats to the curb pronto, and never look back! Be here NOW! Now is all you have and my now, right now, 10:31 on the stormy west coast, is just perfect!

Wild wind, torrential rain, and I am blessed to be all cozy in my lovely little home in the woods with a stocked pantry, 2 very contented kitty cats and a freezer that holds the happy brownies for a stormy Saturday afternoon of bliss around the micro-farm. :-D

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Life has given me, well, ME-! Ha ha ha ha ohhh…what fun-!

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A headache, Disappointment and a loving family.

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A fantastically interesting journey.

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A hell of a ride.

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A shit storm of lessons and the ability to learn quickly from them and appreciate the quiet and good times.

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Boundless Joy and Suffering, glimpses of being broke and secure, great health from Day One, gains and losses. I’m not very verbal today.

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Loving friends, menschedek sons, financial security (at the moment), pleasure in books and in beauty, an enjoyment of the absurd and the ability to know myself.

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So much more than many, many other people on this planet.

A wonderful mother for a very short period (five years) but who was able to impart such love during that time that her memory and the imprint of her love has lasted the rest of my life.

A father who was wise, loving and helped me to become who I am.

Three gorgeous, intelligent and kind children who have taught me so much about life and about who I am (good and bad).

A husband who allows me to be anything I want to be and always believes in me (even when I don’t).

Amazing friends that I love and love me and add joy to my life.

A love of nature and the ability to see, smell, hear, taste and touch the beauty of the world around me.

The freedom to choose who runs my country, to be educated, to be healthy and to be an independent woman with choices.

A roof over my head. Clean water. Food on my table.

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@Bellatrix : I very nice list.

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So much, perhaps too much and finally nothing. I am not ungrateful and I DO take responsibility for many things but it is frustrating. Life has dished out rather generously but in the long run my tray with a full dish has not reached me.

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More good than bad. A lot more.

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Life has given me a lot of disappointment and strangeness.

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Life has given me moments of unbelievable beauty, pleasure and love as well as pain, confusion and doubt. Yet I feel that every moment, even the bad ones, maybe especially the bad ones, has made me who I am. I am happy to be who I am and know what I know of life. Sometimes I think that in the most sorrowful moments is when life can have it’s most exquisite beauty. I know that these moments stay with me and make me more empathetic toward others. It’s not that I seek them out, far from it! But I see them as a necessary part of life and part of it’s richness. I am thankful for a good family, good memories, and good health. I want to remain ever curious and seeking for what life has left to offer me.

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