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What is this tall red flower I saw in someones front lawn?

Asked by mowens (8403points) April 12th, 2012

Ok, so I saw one of the houses in my neighborhood last year. I have no idea which house it was, but I remember the flowers. I would guess that they were 3 or 4 feet tall, with a large stem, and a huge single bloom at the top. I believe it was red.

I want these flowers in my yard. Help me. :)

I will also accept similar flowers, with different color blooms. This person had them run the length house. It was beautiful.

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Sounds like Tulips ? Or Poppies?

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They could have been red sunflowers. Sunflowers will grow almost anywhere, in any climate, and are in fact used for decontaminating dangerously toxic soil by drawing out heavy metals and other contaminants.

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Where do you live?

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Do tulips grow that large? They did look like tulips on steroids.

@thorninmud I live in central ohio.

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@SmashTheState Those might be what I pick, but not what I was looking for. :) They are awesome though. What other tall pretty flowers are there?

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They sound from your description like Canna Lilies. I love them too.

@dabbler Tulips or poppies 3–4 feet tall????

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@marinelife Also a pretty flower. But it had a closed bloom like a tulip.I am getting better flowers searching for this one!

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@marinelife It could be, I cant find a picture of the entire flower, just the bloom.

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Here is one showing them when they are older and more open. Here is another.

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Do you see your flower anywhere on this page?

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Dahlias can get quite large. Peonies are not usually that tall. Allium are big and dramatic, but I don’t remember ever seeing any red ones. I think you would have noticed the grass-like foliage, but red hot poker plants are about that height. Cannas would be another possibility.

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Yep, I’d say Canna Lillies or maybe red hot pokers. I love both of these myself.

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All very nice flowers, but I don’t believe they are the ones I am thinking of. I will do some recon in the neighborhood this weekend.

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@marinelife “Tulips or poppies 3–4 feet tall????” I know, but they do plant some godzilla-size tulips in Battery Park this time of year, they are at least waist-high and have shorter plants in front of them. I’m always astonished they don’t snap over at the slightest breeze.
Poppies, well, yah, not too likely to be that tall.

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Maybe a cosmos? Although they’re usually pastels rather than bright red. I can look for a link if you want.

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I just saw a hibiscus on tv.

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