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How can you anonymously, not privately, register a domain?

Asked by fluthercensors (28points) April 16th, 2012

For instance can a corporation register a domain name? Are there countries where you can form an anonymous corporation? I know I could just fill in some fake information but I wish to do it legally even if it is hard or costs some thousands of dollars.

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I don’t know about forming a corporation, but registering a domain name “technically” requires real names and info… but it’s not like a gazillion people haven’t already used fake ones to register a domain.

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@tedd Can the real name and real info be for a company? Does it have to be for an individual?

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At some point in the payment process, an account number is going to change hands. I don’t know how you could pay in complete anonymity except by walking in someplace (in disguise, of course) and handing over cash…to someone who’d be pretty silly to act as a go-between for a client wearing a Batman costume.

Agents, shell companies, and front organizations can protect the principal’s identity, but logically it seems inevitable that somewhere along the chain it’s going to be known.

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