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Bloggers and Google Gurus - How is your Authoring for SEO Set up?

Asked by gambitking (4206points) April 23rd, 2012

Okay so I’m trying to set up my authorship attributes and get my author profiles in sync on my blogs, but I’m wondering how best to do this?

What are you doing to take advantage of Google’s authorship markup as a blogger, webmaster or SEO?

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Here’s a great video regarding SEO in a post Panda world. I pass it on along with commiserations. If you take it to heart and care about page rank, you’ll have many, many hours of writing and coding ahead of you. It is truly a never-ending quest. :-).

I’m a Web developer working primarily on Yahoo! Stores, so I live this every day. Most of my business is now helping site owners who have fallen from Google grace or never made it into that rarefied circle to begin with.

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Thanks ETPro, I trudge through this world daily as well. Feel free to message me with your other social profiles so we can connect!

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