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Bipolar disorder or plain evil?

Asked by MrsLorraine (94points) April 26th, 2012

Recently a friend of mine has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, not type 1 nor 2, something called “bipolar spectre”, she was basically told that she has “higher” days without experiencing the full blown manic side, and has depressive days, which are pretty heavy.
Now, I’ve met this person for about 6 yrs now, the thing is I recently found out that she talks really bad, nasty stuff about me, pretty much everything I know about her it’s been a big lie, she’s just very very manipulative. What is this? are bipolar people like this?? do they tend to lie to get attention?? or this is just pure crap? How do I relate to her from now on? Plus, she “copies” everything I do (clothing, musical tastes, even seems to fancy my boyfriend).. is this normal?
Plus, we work together, since we’re lawyers and started a firm together with another friend. So, are we doomed?

Thank you
And please, I don´t mean to harm or offend anyone with this condition, im just kinda mad and not really understanding anything about this “friend”.

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False alternative. What’s wrong with Bipolar AND evil?

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Could be both??? :S

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Perhaps take a writing class with this “friend” and start to make more money for your law firm.. Bipolar or evil, she and you might already be doomed professionally.

(You meet someone and then know him/her for x number of years.)

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The term “evil” doesn’t really help. If she’s bipolar, she’ll have a number of issues to deal with. As friends and partners, you have other issues to deal with. I think you need to deal with the issues and not worry about the labels. The labels won’t help. Focus on the real problems, and you may indeed need to be ready to give up the partnership if it is unsustainable.

Remember, friendship issues and business issues need to be looked at differently. Business is business, and you if you do not make decisions based on the health of the business, you are not following your fiduciary responsibility.

Friendship has a different set of rules. You will have to decide if you want your friendship to take precedence over your business. If you do, your business may fail. Then again, it may fail no matter what. But if you decide to keep the friendship at the expense of the business, you should do that consciously, realizing no one is forcing you to do that. If you blame your friend for the failure of the business, you’ll lose both.

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@gailcalled Mmmm you don’t have to be so mean, so sorry for the bad english, actually I’m not a native english speaker, I’m Chilean, perdona la ortografía.

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My apologies also. Lo siento. Tell us that English is not your native language and we (make that “I”) behave very differently.

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Sounds like she is suffering from multiple disorders. “Evil” is all about ego and lack of empathy and there are quite a few personality disorders that encompass these traits including Narcissism, ASPD, possibly Histrionic and Borderline personality disorders. Brain chemistry issues are not the same thing as as a personality disorder. Bottom line, she is a troubled person and clearly engages in toxic behaviors. I’d steer clear.

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I would give up the partnership. Get out of it as quickly and quietly as you can.

Challenge her on the false statements. It doesn’t matter why she’s doing it, what she is doing is wrong.

Distance yourself from her as soon and as cleanly as possible.

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I have a bipolar friend who is one of the nicest, most supportive people I know. I don’t think the two are linked.

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I agree 10,00% with @marinelife

You’re an attorney, examine the facts:

It has been PROVEN she lies, causes trouble and drama, is emotionally unstable and craves the spotlight/attention.
I’d say the risks are extremely high that she has the potential to cause some serious harm on both a personal and professional level. The worst kind of “evil” incorporates both intelligence and ruthless behaviors. Extricate yourself from this situation ASAP.

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