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What type of humor tickles your fancy?

Asked by Pied_Pfeffer (28141points) May 5th, 2012

There are so many different types of humor. Here is a list. Here is another. Here is a third.

Not all of us appreciate the same types of humor. Which types make you laugh? Which types are not your cup of tea?

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Black humor
Not so big on racial humor anymore.

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I appreciate Wit and (kinder) Wisecracks, but I can be in absolute hysterics with good Situational Humour…

Blue and Deadpan Humour do very little for me, and Slapstick isn’t particularly up my street either…

And as for Irony – well, there’s the fabulous quote from Blackadder:

Blackadder: Baldrick, have you no idea what irony is?
Baldrick: Yes, it’s like goldy and bronzy only it’s made out of iron.

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From the first list I find humour in the following: anecdotes, Blue humour, Cariacture, hyperbole, Irony, Joke, Repartee, Satire, Situational, Understatement, Wisecrack and wit.

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non-sequitors, plays on words, ridiculousness, shaggy dogs, humorous situations, absurdity, sick jokes. Things that catch me off guard.

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I like pretty much everything except slapstick.

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@Blackberry I’m not a fan of slapstick either. There is one act though that makes me laugh whenever I see it. Morecombe and Wise Breakfast. I thought it was clever.

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Drawing from all three links, it would seem that I most enjoy banter, blue humor, irony, repartee, satire, highbrow/wit, sarcasm, dry/deadpan humor, and jokes at the expense of others (as long as they are not excessively mean/hurtful). Dry, sarcasm, wit, and blue humor are probably my favorites of the bunch, though.

I can appreciate most other types as well, but slapstick, sophomoric/screwball, and farcical are just really not amusing to me.

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Quick, witty repartee.


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Satire and dark humor. Love me some Monty Python and Tim Burton.

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I’m with @Leanne1986 I love satire and wit and especially irony. I had a good laugh with a guy in the produce isle yesterday who got two dud bags in a row and his veggies kept falling through. I told him one of my favorite stories, last year when I was driving home in the pouring rain after a oil change and full safety check on my car and one of my windshield wipers flew off on the highway. lol

Infact, just NOW, prepping for company for a birthday dinner party tonight and I was pondering if I should put on a new white top I just bought while making the food. I decided I would just be careful and guess what? I exploded a jar of paprika all over my new white shirt! Gotta laugh!

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Daft, the dafter the better.
Tickle my fancy sounds as if it’s trying to be rude, but doesn’t quite get there.

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The type of humor you get from things like Monty Python, Princess Bride, Bill Cosby, Ron White and Friends.

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To quote Slim Pickens, “Up yours, I’m workin’ for Mel Brooks”

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Jim Carey, Jerry Lewis, Steve Martin, Stewart Lee, George Carlin, Bill Hicks, Chris Morris, Harry Enfield.
I could go on.

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I like just about every kind of humor, except slapstick.

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Hmm, only one specific vote for sarcasm at this point. No votes for practical jokes. Interesting.

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I also like most form of humor, even some slapstick. I often find things funny that other people don’t. I don’t like the Jackass shows though.

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Oh my goodness!!! I’ve been looking for a list like this for years for my theater classes!! Thank you!!

I like many types of humor. I used to direct a successful physical comedy touring group and find many things funny. What I don’t get, though, are racial and sexist jokes, jokes about dumbness (blondes, Polacks, etc) and rarely laugh at potty/bathroom humor.

I think there IS a way to have intellectual slapstick—not easy, but possible. I wish I had a video of the performance that we used to do to share with everyone—it was very intellectual, yet used elements of physical comedy. I’d be curious what y’all thought of it. I was extremely disappointed when we had to disband. :(

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@Pied_Pfeffer I do enjoy sarcasm, I was just including that in my umbrella answer. I should also say that I do not enjoy racist humor or very hurtful humor.

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@augustlan Agreed. I don’t find veiled hostility packaged as “humor” to be funny.

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The dry kind.

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I’m not sure what the different types of humour I like are called.

Off the top of my head, I find these people funny:

Ellen Degeneres, Martin Lawrence, Betty White, Robin Williams, Wanda Sykes, Richard Pryor, Mary Walsh, Dame Edna Everage – Barry Humphries, John Candy, Bill Cosby, Jo Brand, Whoopi Goldberg, Bill Murray, Chris Farely, Steve Martin, Martin Short, Dave Chappell, Carol Burnett, Jeremy Hotz, Ben Stiller, Sarah Millican, Eddie Murphy, Ricky Gervais, Michael McDonald when he played Stuart on MadTV, The Crazy Target Lady – Maria Bamford, Chevy Chase, Rowan Atkinson – Mr. Bean, Jim Carrey (especially from back in his In Living Color days).

And… every day people like the ones in Funniest Home Videos.

Movies that made me laugh until it hurt are ones like Bridesmaids, White Chicks, Rat Race, Dirty Love, Death at a Funeral, Noises Off, Plains, Trains and Automobiles… and on and on..

Also, animals make me laugh all the time; their funny little antics.

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