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What do you think of the new INS 'Secure Communities' program?

Asked by ETpro (34550points) May 9th, 2012

The Secure Communities program automates running the finger prints of anyone detained by police against a FBI/INS database. The intention is to concentrate on deportation of illegal immigrants who have continued to break our laws after crossing the border.

This makes perfect sense to me, but the article referenced above notes how Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick opposed it being brought into Massachusetts. I understand it’s a political calculation. The right wants mass deportations they have no intention of paying for. The left wants open borders and those that cross them free to begin voting in the USA, but they can’t say that. And in classic Push-Me-Pull-You fashion, comprehensive immigration reform goes nowhere. We live decade after decade with a broken immigration system, porous borders, and nothing changing.

What do you think of the Secure Communities program? It seems to me a great idea. It’s one small step toward reducing crime. How should we resolve our immigration issues?

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