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Pet owners: Do you take your pets to the vet annually to get their vaccinations?

Asked by jca (36054points) June 3rd, 2012

Some of my pet owning friends do, some don’t. I am curious about my fellow Jellies – if you pet owning Jellies take your pets to the vet every year to get vaccinations.

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Yes, when I had a pet I did. I had to because when I was out of town I would kennel my dog and she had to be up to date on her shots including kennel cough vaccine before they would take her. I would have taken her to get her shots even if I didn’t kennel her because it was the thing to do.

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No. My cat is solely indoors, and I don’t feel that he needs protected against much. If I see something is bothering him or he’s ill, of course I’ll take him. I also don’t get myself vaccinations. I see them as unnecessary, kinda scam-y.

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Yes I’ve been taking our cats to the vet once a years for the last12 years. I think that it is a good thing in that in addition to administering several vaccinations, my cats also get to have an healthcare professional take a good look at them. I do think that they go overboard with all the immunizations. When you think about it. When was the last time that you have heard about a cat contracting rabies? Nevertheless, the added expense has been well worth it as my particular vet has been a great help to my cats. I am totally convinced that he has saved the lives of two of my cats over the years with immediate and expert care.

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Yes, especially rabies as I live in a rural mountain environment full of every kind of wildlife you can imagine. My female cat brought in a bat the other night. It was night time so I am sure it was healthy, but….rabies is THE most important next to the other basics.

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Our cats no because they never go out. It wouldn’t hurt to do it but right now we are boarding 4 of our son’s cats (who lives out of state) and it would cost a fortune to handle that. He should do it but so far he’s not wanting to. Our two dogs get all of their shots and the annual wellness look -overs.

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I take my dog(s) to the vet annually for examination and vaccination. It is part of my responsibility to my canine companion. It protects them from harm and maximizes their healthy years.

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We take them as often as necessary – now every other year.

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Yes I do, although I remember watching a TV program that suggested it was not necessary to have them vaccinated so often. Still, I would rather be safe than sorry.

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No rabies in Australia so no need for that shot. Most vaccines are now rated for 3 years rather than 1. But a lot of vets are not telling clients that because that annual jab is easy money. I was only vaccinated when I was a child, I don’t get an annual polio, etc. shot. Makes me wonder a little bit????? Mine are done annually because kennels require it but if it weren’t for that, I would definitely go the three.

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I take my dogs in for yearly checks, and vaccines when they’re due- my vet has changed from giving some of them every year, but I couldn’t say which ones off the top of my head. Rabies is good for three years, anyway, and since I have a skunk-hater, I especially wouldn’t want to let that one lapse. We just went last month($Ouch$),and one of them missed the kennel cough nose spray, but they are rarely, if ever, around any unknown dogs so that’s not a biggie. He would need it if I had to board them, though. Oh, and of course I also take them if there is a health problem.

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Yes I do. Rabies and heartworm shots aren’t necessary here but she is vaccinated for canine distemper, parvo and kennel cough.

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Dogs are required to have their city license every year. In order to get a city license, you need to have their vaccinations up-to-date. If you don’t pick up their city license, you’ll be slapped with a big, fat fine. If not paid, off to the clink.

Cats, on the other hand, don’t need to have their vaccinations done yearly. If they’re an outdoor, or indoor/outdoor feline, then you should have them vaccinated. My cat, Frank is now and indoor/outdoor cat (who is staying with my g/f). He’ll get his shots, along with a monthly dosing of Advantage.

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I have my dog vaccinated every year, she is getting up there in age so she gets a checkup every 6 months. The new vaccines may be rated for 3 years, but that doesn’t mean the law has caught up. If your dog is accused of biting someone and you don’t have the annual shot, you and the dog could be in trouble.

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My cats are strictly indoor cats, so I don’t really see the need to inject them with anything. My dog used to get an annual rabies shot until it almost killed her a few years back, so now she is shot-free too.

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I do as my dogs have to go into boarding kennels from time to time and it’s a requirement when you book them in.

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Yes, my dog goes for a general exam every year but doesn’t get yearly vaccinations. He’s been strictly an indoor dog, never sick and only recently injured to need to see an emergency vet where it was suggested but not demanded he get a rabies booster. He’s 12yrs old.

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NO, as a doctor, I give them their meds myself.

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He is due for his second set of vaccinations in October, but those will be good for three years. He’ll still get a yearly checkup though.

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