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Has The Steve Miller Band produced the ultimate Muzak (aka elevator music)

Asked by rebbel (24972points) June 20th, 2012

Today I telephoned the energy company in order to ask them a question and to get information.
I was put on hold for a minute.
Fly Like An Eagle by Steve Miller was on.
When I heard that music I realized that I had heard him/them before while waiting on the phone, but not recently (say, three times in the last couple of years), and definitely not through the telephone system of this company (first time I called them).
That raised the question: Could it be that songs by The Steve Miller Band are unquestionably the best songs to listen to while waiting (on the phone)?
You think people research this kind of stuff?

Side question (but curious for your answers!): What music/song do you think would be soothing Muzak, or, if you would be Manager Telephone System Music of the company, what music/song would you suggest to put?

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Meh…I was never a big Steve Miller fan and I was around when he was extremely popular in the 70’s. He’s rather blaze IMO. Of course there are a few artists that I could go the rest of my life without ever hearing again, Elton John & Stevie Nicks are two of them. I think a lot lot of Steve Millers music could go totally instrumental to maximize the elevator effect. lol

As far as choosing elevator music..well, I’d have to think on it for awhile. Certainly not Elton John or Stevie Nicks..gag! haha

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edit: blase
blazingly blase. ;-p

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Now Steven Tyler….oooh baby…so, “Love in an elevator” would be a good elevator tune. ;-)

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Yes. Yes. Alan Parson’s Project or Billy Joel.

We were at Epcot last week and saw an Eagles’ tribute band. They were amazing, btw. A 25 year old friend of our friends came to the concert and said he didn’t know any Eagles’ songs. My husband said, “Have you ever been in an elevator? Then you’ve heard the Eagles.”

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@Coloma: Yes, the only time I enjoyed that song, I was blaze out of my gourd. ;)

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Any alteration of music into “Muzak” is a source of irritation for me. Don’t fucking try to “soothe” me, I don’t need it. And taking a perfectly good Hall and Oates, Steve Miller, Eagles or any other rock song and pussifying it into elevator “music” should be grounds for a slow, torturous death.
Just sayin’.

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