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If you could hold a real life conversation, an entire conversation in internet lingo, what would it consist of?

Asked by AshlynM (9277points) June 26th, 2012

Or have you done this already? Such as LOL, (laugh out loud) ttyl,(talk to you later) BRB, (be right back)

Please be kind and include a description of each abbreviation.

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I would never, ever do such a thing. I’d rather put a stick in my eye.

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wtf, idk, this noobfest is fail, g2g, tl;dr

(I am not having a good time)

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I am with @Trillian I have no desire to use text-speak or internet lingo. I would rather use the vocabulary I have and the typing skills I have and share complete thoughts . . .

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What if we wanted to include l33t? Some of it might be hard to say, even if it’s obvious what sounds the letters are supposed to make. Like w00t I guess is woot…

But either way I guess it wouldn’t consist of much for me…I know there’s a lot of lingo to be used, but I only know the most used ones. Never heard of g2g…Let me try…I’m s/r p33ples w00d 100kt mi liek lolwutomgwtfbbq!111!!111!!111!11one
Or like, oh shitz0rz, this sux0rz tht i cant w4tch dis z0mb33 m00v33 4 fr33 lulz n0000es zomg gox pwnd

Now, to translate in real life… Never heard of jee to jee… I’m s slash r pthreepoles wzweowzero one hundred kt me li-ek el oh el wut oh em jee double you tee ef barbecue exclamation point one one one (or one hundred eleven) exclamation point times two, one one one, exclamation point times two and blabla so on.

Or shitzeroes, this suckszero thh’t I can’t double you four tch dis zomthree moothree four frthree lolz noooooes zo em jee I gox pw…man.

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I pwn noobs. /thread

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I’m not fluent in that language.

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Humiliation/embarrassment/indignation & almost certainly, a savage bout of fisticuffs.

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