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If you have ever 'Kinneared' a celebrity, who was it?

Asked by Pied_Pfeffer (25800points) July 2nd, 2012

If you are not familiar with this term, here is the definition:

kinnear v.

To take a candid photograph surreptitiously, especially by holding the camera low and out of the line of sight. Coined in August by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee of the Yarn Harlot blog when she attempted to take a photograph during an encounter with the actor Greg Kinnear at an airport. Source

Here is a clip from The Graham Norton Show during an interview with Greg Kinnear and and a phone call to the woman who started this. Video (Slightly NSFW for language used.)

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Not a celebrity, but random people looking or doing weird shit – ALL THE TIME!

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I have been pretty obvious when I have taken celebrity pics. The one time I remember trying to take a picture of a celebrity (Keith Olbermann) by pretending to take a picture of my wife and grandson, he caught on immediately.

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Ever since the iPhone came out my friends with iPhones have called these ninja pics or sniper photos. I’ve never nabbed a celebrity – probably because I haven’t seen any. We do it more for those people exhibits odd behaviours or dressed in questionable outfits or if someone is very attractive.

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I’ve done it to some “People of Wal Mart” that I’ve seen at 2 AM. Scary, that!

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@linguaphile I’m not sure that counts as “Kinnearing”, but it gets brownie points in my book. After seeing that site, I must admit that I’ve headed over to the local WalMart with a camera in my pocket.

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Not me but my BIL snapped a fantastic picture of the Queen of England while she was here on a royal visit. He held the camera over his head and snapped it blind.

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@tranquilsea Now that’s Kinnearing!

It also reminded me of when a college roommate went to England and took a snapshot of Princess Diana while in a bookstore. Di walked over to her and asked, “Did you just take my photo?” Poor Jane…mortified, she responded ‘yes’ and held out the camera as if to give it to her. Diana just walked away and let her keep it. The quality isn’t that great, but it’s a lovely shot of her perusing through a selection of books.

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It was a once in a lifetime shot. The cheeky guy sent it as his Christmas card that year: “Merry Christmas from the Queen and I”

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