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Pregnant and baby has enlarged kidney?

Asked by livestrong (213points) July 12th, 2012

Hi! At my 19 week u/s I found out I was having a boy. :) They said everything looked good however about a week after, I got a phone call saying they were concerned the babies kidney was enlarged and wanted to do a repeat ultrasound. Has anybody gone through this? I’m freaking out. Is it something I did or anything I can do differently? Thank you

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Don’t freak. It won’t change a thing. Just go back for the second ultrasound. There are all kinds of reasons that it can look suspicious. Heck, the first ultrasound said my grandson was a girl. Don’t freak unless the doctor tells you it’s time to. Easier said than done, I know, but you need to do your best to relax for both you and your babies sake.

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Thank you @Judi, I’m just worried and I’m sure reading online stuff doesn’t help. It seems that alot of people get a repeat u/s 4–6 weeks later just makes me nervous they scheduled it for not even 2 weeks later. I guess all I can do for now is think positive.

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Apparently pretty common and not anything you did. Basically they’ll just keep an eye on you and the baby to make sure it doesn’t get to the point where it would be an issue.

I guess you’ve searched around the internet, but here’s a few that seem to be moms in your shoes.

Enlarged Kidney at Ultrasound
I was told my baby boy has an enlarged kidney?

It looks like the only advice other that following up is to mention it to your pediatrician when your little boy is born so they can take a look as well.

As far as worrying about the quick follow up. I think this all comes down to the doctor’s style of practice. My wife has been to three OBs and they’re completely different in what they recommend when it comes to ultrasounds. One had us do one at each visit, another did them on request, and the one we have now just takes a peek if something else leads him to think there’s something awry.

Also, they’re all erring on the side of caution with everything. Every little thing gets followed up on, it’s their job. My wife and I finally just made it a joke, “Everything is normal, buuuuut just in case… <insert test here>”.

When it’s time to freak out, they’ll let you know. Until then, happy mom equals a happy baby.

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Judi gave you the best advice. Don’t freak. We are all very adaptable. Let it run it’s course and don’t buy any additional trouble.

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@livestrong It’s wonderful that you have found an OB that cares enough to see you again so sooon, and cares enough to notice each organ. Not everyone has access to this great of medical care.

The reason they’re scheduling the follow up is to keep checking. As @funkdaddy said, they’re erring on the side of caution.

I had weekly ultrasounds. Sometimes, this is a necessity to watch over mom & babe.

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My cousin’s wife had to go back to get a followup ultrasound because they thought they saw a heart abnormality. When she went to the followup, they couldn’t find it a second time. When he was born, there was no abnormality. I had a scheduled C-section because they were convinced that my daughter would be 10 or 11 pounds and wouldn’t fit through my pelvis. She was only 8 pounds and she probably would have fit.

The ultrasound is way better than nothing at all, but it’s not as accurate as people think. A lot of what they see is speculation. I wouldn’t worry about it unless they consistently saw it. If they see it a second time, they will want to track it and so you’ll get lots of time to prep.

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Awwww, don’t freak out! They just want to keep a close eye on things, and your baby should be okay. All sorts of things can be medically fixed, if needs be. Keep calm, don’t panic. Keep your blood pressure normal and just concentrate on baking that baby the best you can. =0)

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Calm down. This is probably nothing.

I am a bit confused about what you think you might have done wrong.
You didn’t have your legs crossed during sex, did you?

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