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Have you ever fought with your neighbors and regretted it?

Asked by DigitalBlue (7100points) July 20th, 2012

It’s 3am, and my neighbor (woman in her mid 30s) has company and they decided to shoot off big fireworks right over my house. It scared everyone in the house, including me, which resulted in me running outside in my blanket and pajamas and yelling at them… mostly because I was just worked up, not because it warranted me swearing in my front yard wrapped in a plaid sheet in the middle of the night.

I hardly know this neighbor. She has owned that house for 3 years, but is never there, the only time I see her is when she cuts the grass, or has guests in her bedroom (which is plainly visible from our living room – meaning just about everyone in my family has seen her private business on more than one occasion, she doesn’t appear to actually sleep at the house.) However, really not knowing her makes me regret being so cranky about this, because it really wasn’t a huge deal, I was just worked up and “Please, would you mind not doing that” came out as ”hello, it’s fucking 3 in the morning!!”

Do you think I should make an attempt to apologize for yelling, or is that silly? I suppose it wouldn’t even cross my mind if I ever saw her and could bring it up casually, but I have only met her once or twice, and I just don’t know her like my other neighbors.

Do you have funny/interesting/scary/strange neighbor stories to share?

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Hahaha, I can totally imagine that scene. Apologies never hurt, but I wouldn’t be overly worried about it. A 3 AM fireworks extravaganza is a legitimate reason to be upset, in my opinion!

I don’t think I’ve ever had an actual fight with a neighbor, but I’ve had one who just plain didn’t like me, for no real reason. We were always super polite to each other, but I knew she was talking about me behind my back. It was weird, but no Hatfield/McCoy feuds resulted. Just mild distaste on my part.

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@augustlan I asked my mom, and she said the same. So, I’m over it. If it comes up (which I doubt), I’ll apologize for being such a grouch about it… but it was pretty rude of them, considering the time.
I do suspect that I will forever be branded the crazy lady in the bedsheet, though.

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Hey, own it! I think you should retrieve your mail and walk the dog in that sheet from now on. ;)

I just now saw the last line of your question, and I do have a couple of weird neighbor stories. When I was a teenager, my next door neighbor’s adult son attempted to break into our apartment, in the middle of the night, while we were home but I was the only one awake. I caught him in the act, but was afraid to identify him because I knew he’d be living right next door again. That made for a pretty tense situation, naturally. It also led to me being unable to sleep in my own bed for months, because I was so afraid.

A neighbor across the courtyard (same apartment complex as above) flashed me and a friend from his window. When we stopped gaping at him, he came and pounded on the door, screaming at us to let him in, “I know you want me!”. The police came and caught him outside, completely naked. His wife was in their apartment at the time.

It was a pretty fucked up neighborhood, to say the least.

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@DigitalBlue: I wouldn’t feel like apologizing if I were you. I think she owes you an apology. I think it is a big deal to be shooting off fireworks in the middle of the night. WTF? Does it occur to her that she’s not the only person in the world?

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My closest neighbor is 1500 feet away.Never fought with any of them. This also made me laugh as I remember something from long ago. Growing up, we had one neighbor at the end of our corn field. We always planted a few rows of sweet corn for us kids to sell for our money for school stuff. But that end of the field never had any corn. The neighbor would sneak in to the field at night and help himself to it. My grandfather would laugh and blame it on raccoons. He said everyone needs a little help.

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Since the incident is still on your mind, it would be worthwhile to make the first move and apologize. At least that will bring closure on your part. And who knows? It could be the beginning of a new friendship.

I’ve never had a fight with any of the neighbors, but both Mom and my sister have. The former was over a neighbor cutting down trees on our property, and the latter was over a neon flamingo light sis put in her kitchen window. Both feuds lasted for years, before ending on positive notes.

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I have come to dislike my neighbours and there is no regret involved, just saddness and disappointment. Perhaps I regret that they live there. Does that count?

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I’ve never fought with my neighbors and not regretted it.

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As an adult I’ve never fought with a neighbour by my mom used to all the time.

The last house she lived in she was really irritated with her neighbours as they kept setting their sprinkler so that part of the oscillation time was spent shooting water at her garage door. She had spoken to them a couple of times about it. Then one day she opened the garage door to put the garbage out and got soaked by their hose. Furious, she walked up to the sprinkler, yanked it out of the grass and re-positioned it so that the water hit their front door.

When I was a teenager we had a neighbour who was sure (weirdly) that we were breeding frogs in our backyard. He’d call at all hours of the night and just say, “Ribbit” over and over again on the phone.

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