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Would you salute a Corporate CEO for making $5 million stealing school children's lunch money?

Asked by ETpro (34415points) July 26th, 2012

ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, is working overtime to convince state legislators that profits outweigh pupils and that public education should be a thing of the past, replaced by virtual schools in which nearly 1 out of every two taxpayer dollars allocated to education goes instead to corporate profits and CEO paychecks, not school buildings, teachers, or anything else that has to do with actual education. This video exposes ALEC’s model legislation to privatize education for the benefit of their corporate sponsors. Would you welcome an end to public education and a shift to for-profit, privatized schools? Do you think that for profit corporations would constantly drive down costs if they knew they could pass on increases to taxpayers?

If you are interested in ALEC and what they are doing, The Center for Media and Democracy has documented over 800 model bills they have written and are lobbying legislatures around the nation to pass for the benefit of the corporate sponsors. While my main concern here is where ALEC wants to take US primary and secondary education, feel free to comment on any of their legislative initiatives. Do you think ALEC is working for the good of America or not?

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